Recent trends show that renewable energy sources such as wind and solar have produced more electricity than gas in the winter months of 2023-2024. This transition promises a future dominated by clean and sustainable power generation methods.

Last winter, renewables produced more electricity than gas. IMG

This comprehensive yet engaging piece examines how OpenAI, a renowned artificial intelligence firm, is pitching its Interactive AI product SORA to Hollywood. The feature focuses on how SORA contributes to AI advancement and the new trends it’s setting in the entertainment industry.

OpenAI wants Sora in Hollywood. IMG

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton is raising a lawsuit aiming to challenge a section of a federal law that provides internet-based platforms with immunity from certain civil actions based on the content published by their users.

Texas AG Paxton sues more porn sites. IMG

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire suggests that Airbus is currently in a more advantageous position than its American rival, Boeing, given their respective performances in the commercial aviation industry.

Airbus CEO: Boeing's issues hurt entire industry. IMG

Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress, has stridently criticized recent gaming industry layoffs, characterizing them as the product of 'greedy, greedy people.' In a profoundly revealing interview, he dissects the regrettably commonplace trend of sudden job reductions and its problematic implications to the ever-changing terrain of the gaming realm.

Dwarf Fortress creator criticizes executives for layoffs, calling them greedy and horrible. Tarn Adams speaks bluntly about the games industry. IMG

The recently passed Texas Heartbeat Act Abortion Bill has reportedly resulted in Bumble losing a significant portion of its workforce within the state. The article explores this issue in detail, looking at the implications for both the individual employees and the company as a whole.

One-third of Bumble employees in Texas relocated due to new abortion laws. IMG

An in-depth, comprehensive look at the new Rivian R2 electric SUV. From pricing and performance to specifications and features, this article provides a thorough review.

Rivian unveils $45,000 electric SUV called R2. IMG

An exploration of a novel study that indicates a solution to noise pollution - making alarm sounds more harmonious, using elements of music. Doctors and sound engineers have collaborated to design musical alarms for hospital settings that are less stressful.

Loud hospital beeps are contributing to many deaths annually. IMG

Innovative transportation venture Virgin Hyperloop recently achieved a significant milestone. It pushed its floating train prototype to an impressive speed, setting a new record and demonstrating the potential of this technology in revolutionizing urban transportation.

Hyperloop train reaches record speed of 387 MPH on a test track. IMG

Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, has predicted that within the next five years, artificial intelligence (AI) will be capable of surpassing human performance in tests and evaluations. This article provides a comprehensive explanation of Nvidia's latest advancements in AI and their potential implications.

Nvidia CEO predicts AI will surpass human capabilities in 5 years. IMG

A comprehensive discussion on the surge of deepfakes, focusing on its emergence among teenagers, the potential dangers it poses, the current landscape of control mechanisms, and suggestions for dealing with this new digital phenomenon.

AI is worsening sexual exploitation of girls. IMG

The Biden administration in 2024 has initiated an extraordinary national security investigation against the growing use of Chinese vehicles. This investigation primarily revolves around the suspicion of malicious digital threats posed by these vehicles.

Biden is looking into security risks from Chinese cars. IMG

Joe Biden's Administration aims to transition Americans to electric cars primarily manufactured in Southern China, raising questions about environmental impact and job creation on home soil.

Biden sees Chinese electric cars as security risk. IMG

Grand Theft Auto Maker is calling its employees back to full time, in-office work. The news of the transition from remote working back to a conventional office set-up, creating a stir among the staff and the game development industry.

Rockstar Games wants employees back in the office full time. IMG

A recent study has found the presence of microplastics in every human placenta tested, raising serious health concerns for both mothers and their unborn children. The research also reveals that these particles of plastic are capable of crossing the protective barrier once thought to shield fetuses in the womb.

Microplastics present in all human placenta samples tested! IMG

An in-depth look at the military's intelligence tracking balloon as it drifts across the Western United States, providing vital intelligence and surveillance.

Army monitors balloon over Western U.S. IMG

An in-depth look at the latest developments unfolding in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, including President Putin's recent declarations, escalating tensions at Avdiivka, and the impact of Navalny's arrest.

Navalny's wife's account is suspended by X. IMG

Despite being a pioneer in space technologies, there are concerns that the United States may fall behind as China aggressively propels its space program forward. Here's a comprehensive look at this possible change in global space leadership.

The US is worried China's space program may surpass NASA's. IMG

On the eve of its Initial Public Offering (IPO), Reddit has embarked on an exclusive agreement to license Artificial Intelligence content. This in-depth exploration covers the specifics of the deal, its potential impacts, and what it may signal for the future of both AI and Reddit.

Reddit agrees to AI content licensing deal before going public. IMG

Lucid Motors has updated the pricing of its entry-level Air sedan as a method to rival Tesla's Model S. This article discusses the updated price, the features of the sedan, and Lucid Motor's future plans.

Lucid Motors cuts its cheapest EV price by over $8K. IMG

Mozilla is remodelling its operations and pursuing the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Firefox, amidst a recent layoff of about 60 employees. This article examines the company’s approach to navigating this transformation, as well as potential applications and implications of an AI-driven web browsing experience.

Mozilla fires 60 workers, aims to integrate AI into Firefox. IMG

This article explores the recent trend among Apple Vision Pro users to return their devices shortly after purchase. The revolutionary augmented reality glasses undergo scrutiny after multiple early adopters have expressed disappointment.

Apple fans are returning Vision Pros. IMG

A thorough investigation into reports suggesting that Tesla's highly anticipated Cybertruck might suffer from rust issues due to its stainless steel body composition. To what extent could this become a genuine concern for Tesla and future Cybertruck owners?

Tesla truck may get rusty. IMG

AI is changing the field of healthcare by improving the functions of Medicare, providing patients with a more personalized and accurate treatment plan.

US regulators rein in AI in healthcare IMG

A comprehensive look into China’s progressing domination over the global electric vehicle market, and the country's vigorous pursuit of cleaner energy.

Everything will be 'enshittified' soon. IMG

The acquisition deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is under review by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) with far-reaching implications. This article examines the reasons for this investigation and its potential impact on the future of the gaming industry.

FTC upset over Microsoft's Activision Blizzard job cuts. IMG

A significant number of U.S. counties are turning away from renewable energy plants, citing an array of reasons, including potential harm to the environment, declining property values, and the plausible disruption of the local landscape. The trend is revealing the difficulties faced when striving for a more sustainable future.

Clean energy plants banned across US faster than they're built. IMG

The progression of research into longevity and examining the promising trials of a drug called rapamycin, potentially offering a longer and healthier life for man's best friend.

Senior dogs are testing an anti-aging pill. IMG

A recent study highlights the stunning new images of Neptune and Uranus captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. The photographs offer fresh insights into the weather patterns and atmospheric phenomena of these far distant ice giants.

See new images of the true appearance of Neptune and Uranus. IMG

This essay details a recent deepfake-centered corporate fraud case in Hong Kong. It highlights the incident's implications for sector officials, scrutinizes the technology behind the fraud, and explores potential preventive measures.

Finance worker loses $25M after video call with fake CEO  IMG

Tesla is recalling over 2.2 million vehicles in one of the largest recalls to date due to a potential issue with warning lights. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assumed a crucial role in shedding light on this matter.

Tesla recalls 2.2M US cars due to warning light problem. IMG

German authorities have made a significant seizure of Bitcoins that totals roughly $2 billion. The Bitcoins are linked to the shutdown of a vast online market for drugs, counterfeit money, and stolen credit card data.

German police confiscate bitcoins valued at €2 billion. IMG

In a recent maneuver, Boeing decided to cease pushing for safety exemptions in its 737 Max 7 plane. The article discusses the implications of this decision and delves into the history surrounding safety regulations of the plane.

Boeing cancels plea for safety exemption on 737 MAX 7. IMG

IBM's recent directive for its US-based managers to work within 'commuting distance' of an IBM office has initiated a significant shift in the company’s workplace policy. Here, we investigate this development, exploring the implications and possible rationale behind this shift.

IBM tells managers: Relocate or resign. IMG

The highly publicized feud between Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and Apple Inc. is in the limelight once more, following Ek's recent accusations of Apple's exploitative practices in the App Store innovations. This article examines the key elements of this issue to gain an understanding of the broader implications.

Spotify CEO Ek criticizes Apple's App Store changes as 'reaching a new low'. IMG

A detailed report on the recently leaked information about Google and Samsung's imminent AI enhancement for Android users, featuring cutting-edge software and possibly altering the smartphone user experience considerably.

Google's update lets AI read your private messages. IMG

Online platform Reddit is advised by investment bankers to aim for a minimum $5 billion valuation during its upcoming initial public offering (IPO). This is an exploration of the platform's journey and its IPO strategy.

Reddit advised to aim for $5B+ valuation in IPO. IMG

A comprehensive look into the various AI-based technologies and the relating copyright issues, with a special focus on Microsoft's recent collaboration with OpenAI.

AI Made Joker, Image May Be Copyrighted. IMG

A comprehensive look at the thriving trend of remote working, exploring all its facets - benefits, negatives, new-age solutions and future projections

The Return-to-Office Movement is absurd. IMG

NASA loses connection with its Mars Ingenuity Helicopter, leaving the agency uncertain about its status and future functionalities.

NASA's Mars helicopter lost contact. IMG

A comprehensive exploration of the declining tendency among Gen Z to eschew car ownership and driver's licenses in favor of more sustainable and tech-integrated alternatives.

Gen Z refuses to drive. IMG

This article explores the implications of Samsung's recently suggested change in AI features for the upcoming Galaxy S24. Owners might face payment requirements after two years to continue enjoying certain features of the inbuilt Bixby AI.

Samsung's $1,300 phone may charge for AI use in the future. IMG

Global banking conglomerate, JPMorgan Chase & Co, has divulged that it defends itself against over 45 billion hacking attempts daily. This article explores this intriguing situation in depth.

JPMorgan Chase repels 45B hacking attempts daily. IMG

A comprehensive exploration into the technological advancements and health-based controversy surrounding the Apple Watch Series 9 in line with their Ultra 2 Blood Oxygen monitoring technology.

No blood oxygen Apple Watches allowed anymore. IMG

An in-depth look into the life of Rebecca Rivers, a former Google employee who recorded her dismissal and shared it on social media, attracting attention and sparking discussions on workplace rights.

Fired tech employee shares firing video, no regrets. IMG

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a powerhouse for businesses, especially for profit-seeking CEOs. A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed that this compelling technology is being embraced by companies globally due to its potential to generate astounding profits.

PwC survey: Generative AI is a miracle for profit-hungry CEOs. IMG

The article details the reasons behind the failure of return to office mandates and explores strategies to turn around the situation.

Why office return mandates fail. IMG

An in-depth look at South Korea's investment in AI technologies, their expected impact on search engine efficiency, and its implications on the broader technological landscape.

Korea plans to create a $472B mega chip cluster. IMG

Google has recently dismissed rumors that its web browser, Chrome, slows down YouTube when ad blockers are enabled. This overview discusses the potential implications of this issue, the response from Google, and the nature of the technology involved.

Google did not make YouTube slower with ad blockers - Neowin IMG

Internet Brands, parent company of WebMD, triggers backlash from its employees with its quirky video demanding work from office. This article discusses the bizarre move, its impact on the employees and the overall work culture.

WebMD's parent firm demands office return. IMG

An in-depth exploration of the drastic changes within the tech job market told from the viewpoint of software engineers. The report is based on the survey from Blind, a social networking app for professionals, where an overwhelming majority of software engineers paint a gloomy picture of the current job scenario.

Many software engineers claim the job market is deteriorating rapidly. IMG

An in-depth exploration of the US Air Force's secretive plans for a hypersonic jet slated to be operationally ready by 2025, derailing the narrative on global air superiority, changing the dynamics of warfare and revolutionizing aerospace technology.

SR-72: US secret jet to break sound barrier in 2025  IMG

This article discusses how popular gaming platform Steam has recently announced its decision to stop supporting Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 versions. The implications of this game-changing move are analyzed.

Steam doesn't work with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 anymore. IMG

A comprehensive exploration of the growing research and potential in using vaccines as a preventative tool against cancer. Discussing the recent advancements in virotherapy, credibility of current studies, the possibilities it opens for patients, and the hurdles scientists face.

Moderna's mRNA cancer vaccine exceeds expectations. IMG

Despite the mixed reception that foldable smartphones have received, manufacturers seem intent on making them mainstream. This article delves into why manufacturers are persisting with this design and what the future might hold.

Phone makers want to make foldable phones popular. IMG

Highlights of the latest progress made by Bluesky, principally focusing on its new feature that allows non-users to view public posts, as well as the revealing of its new logo.

Bluesky posts now available for everyone. IMG

A critical analysis of Microsoft's business strategy with its new Edge web browser based, built on Google’s Chromium open-source project, and how it could potentially affect the company in the long run

Microsoft's Edge browser keeps hurting itself. IMG

An in-depth look at the minimal advancements of graphics processing unit (GPU) technology during 2023, focusing on reasons and potential implications.

In 2023, GPUs stayed idle. IMG

As safety becomes an increasing concern, Boeing has urged airlines to examine 787 MAX aircraft for possible loose bolts. A discovery of faulty parts has raised immediate calls for inspection and appropriate scrutiny to ensure the soundness of aircraft that are in the line of passenger safety.

Boeing advises airlines to check 787 Max planes for potential loose bolts. IMG

In this digital era, two significant shifts are taking shape in the tech industry. Tech giants are making strenuous efforts to create a chip specifically programmed for AI operations while Microsoft plans to launch Windows 12; a product said to revolutionize operating systems.

Upcoming AI chip battle in Windows 12. IMG

With the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles in the European Union (EU), nearly 50% of all new passenger car registrations in 2020 were for alternative fuel cars. This article dives into the detailed statistics, the reasons behind this trend, and its implications.

Almost half of new cars in EU are electric - ACEA. IMG

An extended examination of top alternatives to Evernote, offering powerful features and better options that promise to improve your productivity and keep your digital life organised. Each competitor has been thoroughly analysed on the basis of features, performance and usability.

Switch from Evernote to better alternatives now! IMG

A record-breaking crackdown by law enforcement agencies from around the globe has led to the arrest of over 3500 individuals, involved in a series of cybercrime activities. In an unprecedented move, $300 million in cryptocurrency has also been seized. The operation was coordinated by INTERPOL and spanned over 20 countries.

Global cybercrime crackdown: 3,500 arrests made and $300M seized. IMG

The detailed account of Hyperloop One, a promising high-speed travel firm, halting all its operations and what led to it. This articles discusses the evolution and challenges faced by the company and the implications of its closure.

Hyperloop One may soon close operations. IMG

The Verge reports on the end of Hyperloop One - a project backed by Elon Musk to revolutionize public transportation, seen through its initiation to its eventual decline and failure.

The hyperloop is officially dead now. IMG

In this article, we examine the wide-ranging challenges the UK faces in its transition to electric vehicles and the targets the government has set for the massive change. We delve into the role of charging infrastructure, the pressure on the electrical grid, the requirements for building more EVs, and the implications for jobs in the UK automotive industry.

Social media X experiences worldwide outages. IMG

A detailed exploration of the recent Myanmar cyber scam. This article delves into how these scams work, who is behind them, and the devastating effects on the surrounding communities and beyond.

7-Months Trapped in a Fraudulent Online Worksite IMG

The reauthorization of section 207, concerning cyber surveillance for national defense in the United States, has been extended until April. This controversial provision allows the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on American citizens if deemed necessary for national security.

US Congress postpones decision on warrantless wiretapping until April 2023. IMG

The recent Windows 11 update KB5033375 from December 2023 seems to be causing Wi-Fi issues for university users. Here's a comprehensive look into the problem and some potential solutions.

Windows 11 update breaks university Wi-Fi. IMG

This article discusses a unique money-making method used by one of the largest creators of adult content. The approach, which involves websites known as 'tube sites', manipulates free content placement in a way that may undermine other industry players and potentially violate copyright law.

This porn company earns millions by exploiting and stigmatizing porn users. IMG

Recounting the backstage tactics of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, implemented during the first iPhone demo to ensure its successful unveiling in 2007.

Steve Jobs faked the first iPhone demo. IMG

In an unexpected turn of events, Twitch's controversial artistic nudity policy has been overturned. This article explores how the online streaming platform's users and the broader community responded to the policy and its sudden cancellation.

Twitch cancels its rule allowing artistic nudity without delay. IMG

General Motors has made the decision to discontinue the use of in-car applications, specifically Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for safety reasons. This shift is in response to a long-standing concern about driver distraction.

GM ditches Apple CarPlay & Android Auto for safety reasons. IMG

The telecom industry is expressing its discontent about the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) potential inquiry into high broadband prices. This possible investigation could expose the extent to which the industry has failed to offer affordable, reliable broadband service to Americans.

Telecom industry upset as FCC may probe high broadband charges. IMG

Hubble Space Telescope, the revered symbol of human space innovation, recently had a close scrape with some gyroscopic concerns. However, the beloved telescope is back up and running now, while NASA debates over how to reboost the device. This article provides an overview of the recent concerns and their resolution, NASA's thoughts on reboosting, and the importance of Hubble to the world's space community.

Hubble is back, NASA studying to enhance boost options after gyro issue. IMG

The United States is planning to invest heavily in its high-speed rail infrastructure as a key part of its overall strategy to combat climate change. With a goal to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2023, new projects and research are underway to meet this ambitious target.

USA plans to invest in a speedy train to tackle climate change. IMG

This article explores the ongoing dispute between Sony Corporation and the PlayStation Preservation Society, an online community dedicated to keeping defunct PlayStation games accessible to modern audiences. We delve into the legal arguments, the role of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and investigate the potential consequences of the court's decision for fans and creators alike.

"Buying ≠ owning, piracy ≠ stealing." (08 Dec 2023) IMG

An analytical look at Google's admittance over staging its Gemini A.I. demonstration video, the potential repercussions, and an exploration of its technological stature.

Google confirms staged Gemini AI demo video. IMG

A former Tesla employee alleges that the company's autopilot system might not be as safe as it is claimed to be. The individual, who worked on Tesla's Autopilot team, filed a formal complaint with the SEC citing safety issues related to the system's development and deployment.

Tesla whistleblower claims Autopilot system isn't safe for public roads. IMG

A sharp rise in the use of renewable energy across the globe indicates a positive trend towards sustainable practices. With around 40% of the world's power generation now coming from renewable sources, the need to explore different facets of this significant shift is imminent.

Renewable energy now accounts for 40% of global power generation. IMG

The U.S government issues a warning to Nvidia, urging the tech giant to refrain from redesigning chips for China due to national security concerns and the potential for strategic technological balance disruption

US warns NVIDIA to halt chip redesigns for China. IMG

A recent study indicates that the majority of web traffic is driven by bot activity and online fraud farms, with nearly three-quarters of traffic originating from these sources. The article investigates how these deceptive practices impact the ecosystem of the internet and its real-world implications.

Study: Bots and fraud farms drive 73% of web traffic. IMG

Chinese scientists have made significant strides in gene therapy that could potentially cure autism-spectrum disorder (ASD). These researches might change the way the world perceives and handles autism.

China makes breakthrough in gene therapy for autism. IMG

A deep dive into the geopolitical shift that sees more nations are swearing their support for Taiwan, breaking from years of recognising the 'one China' principle. This article reviews the possible factors that contributed to this change.

US joins other nations in ditching coal for a cleaner climate. IMG

A comprehensive discussion about the significant alterations made to the Microsoft Rewards Points Program, and the dissatisfaction expressed by program participants.

Microsoft cuts Rewards points, angering fans. IMG

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has recently launched a campaign to unionize American electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla. This article goes into detail about this campaign, the response from Tesla and what it could mean for the future of the company and its workers.

UAW initiates 'Your Turn' campaign to unionize Tesla. IMG

In an unprecedented move, the Washington Post has announced it will temporarily suspend advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This comes amidst growing concerns about the controversial policies and practices involving user privacy and content regulation on the platforms.

Washington Post to temporarily stop advertising on X. IMG

A major social media platform might lose an estimated $75 million in ad revenues following a controversy over antisemitic posts on the site, blighting the company’s reputation and hurting the profit margin.

Brands lose $75M due to antisemitism, report says. IMG

An in-depth look into the rampant dissemination of incorrect information about electric vehicles (EVs) on the platform YouTube, detailing its causes, effects, and potential solutions.

YouTube has lots of false info on EVs. IMG

Tesla launches a legal battle against the Swedish Transport Agency over blocked registrations due to issues with number plates. The electric car company believes the Swedish authorities' number plate regulations are disproportionately affecting its business operations.

Tesla sues Swedish agency for blocking license plates. IMG

A change in copyright law in Uruguay has prompted the popular music streaming service, Spotify, to withdraw its service from the country. This article explicates the reasons behind Spotify's exit and its implications for platform users, artists, and the broader music industry.

Spotify to stop in Uruguay as new law demands fair pay for artists. IMG

A comprehensive exploration of Brazil's significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in 2022; an 8% downturn. The factors contributing to this achievement and its potential global impacts are dissected.

Brazil's carbon emissions dropped 8% in 2022. IMG

A meticulous account of how sociopolitical forces at play prompted Twitter, a leading social media platform, to transition into open-source platform Mastodon.

Flipboard ditches X to join Mastodon. IMG

A return to the helm of OpenAI by Sam Altman marks a significant moment in the artificial intelligence industry. This article describes these changes.

Sam Altman is coming back as OpenAI CEO. IMG

A detailed explanation on the reappointment of Sam Altman to the OpenAI board, the context behind his return, and its impact on OpenAI's plans and operations.

Sam Altman returns as OpenAI CEO. IMG

Breaking down the recent growth in Microsoft's stock prices, a surge largely attributed to the company's newly announced partnership with OpenAI. The article gives a chronological narrative of events, discusses the role of Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO, and explores the potential impacts on the technology industry.

Microsoft stock rises to record levels after hiring former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. IMG

An examination of the billions in fines amassed by tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon for defying regulations. We delve into the numerous cases globally and discuss potential impacts.

Big tech made billions in fines but didn't pay them. IMG

An in-depth look into the progression of technology and how it has revolutionized the world of entertainment, with particular focus on Twitch streaming.

Gen Z opts out of dating apps. IMG

A cybercriminal gang using ransomware has turned roles as they file a complaint to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), accusing one of their victims of not publicly disclosing a security breach on time.

Ransomware group reports undisclosed breach to SEC. IMG

A growing body of evidence suggests that allowing employees to work remotely can significantly increase a company's revenue growth. This article unpacks a report indicating that companies with flexible remote work policies consistently outperform those that do not.

Flexible remote work policies boost revenue growth for companies. IMG

Nepal bans TikTok.

In an unexpected move, the Nepal government has decided to ban the internationally popular app TikTok. This article discusses the reasons for this drastic step and analyses the potential consequences.

Nepal bans TikTok. IMG

Discussion about Apple's decision to increase its hiring in Europe amidst an enormous pending tax bill. What does this move entail for Apple's future business expansion, given the financial challenges they are facing?

Apple may have to pay the €13B EU tax bill. IMG

Exploring the recent survey among Windows users and their experiences with Microsoft's OneDrive. Uncovering the insights and perceptions that have come to fore regarding the popular file hosting service based on the user feedback.

Microsoft won't stop bothering you with OneDrive  IMG

An in-depth report on the financial fiasco faced by the Las Vegas Sphere. Here, we discuss the reported financial loss of $984 million and the sudden resignation of the CFO.

Las Vegas loses $98M, CFO resigns. IMG

Recent studies investigate the use of a device to trigger lucid dreams on command. This article will analyze the findings of this research, the potential benefits such a device could bring, both clinically and personally, as well as potential ethical implications of implementing such technology.

Scientists study a device to control lucid dreams. IMG

In-depth analysis of fabricated images created via Adobe's artificial intelligence (AI), and their usage in the perpetuation of misinformation relating to Israeli- Gazan conflicts.

Adobe sells fake AI images of Israel-Hamas war. IMG

In an attempt to bolster its user security and curb malware spreading, popular communication platform, Discord, has decided to implement temporary file links. Discord's new features will target and disrupt the malware's distribution network. This article delves into this change.

Discord switches to temporary file links to stop malware transmission. IMG

Max Users who have been grandfathered into the $15.99 ad-free plan will experience significant changes in relation to their 4K HDR content from next month. This article takes a closer look at the recent announcement, the effects it will have on customers, and stakeholders’ responses.

Next month, grandfathered users in $15.99 ad-free plan lose 4K, HDR. IMG

Famous investor Sam Bankman-Fried has been found guilty on seven charges related to insider trading, placing the crypto industry under scrutiny. We explore the consequences of this verdict.

Sam Bankman-Fried convicted on all seven charges. IMG

A detailed exploration of the state of housing in California, including the crisis sparked by an explosion of housing costs and the potential role venture capitalism might play in its resolution. This analysis spans several related issues from housing shortage, flannery associates, Marc Andreessen, to the venture capitalism's efforts in finding a solution

Tech billionaires hoping to create a California city face various obstacles. IMG

A deep-dive into the most promising start-ups this week that have caught the global attention, standing out because of their novel ideas, rigorous growth strategies and immense potential for future sustainability.

Tech layoffs return with a vengeance IMG

A deep dive into the critical internet blackout faced by Gazans due to Israel's bombing attacks in the year 2021. Highlighting how it affected their everyday life, medical facilities, and already complex socio-political landscape.

Gaza's internet is now completely destroyed IMG

A significant shift is about to be made by Apple, as rumors speculate that the company may enter the gaming industry and reveal a gaming product. This article explores the possibilities, implications, and the potential impact of this milestone.

Apple to possibly unveil gaming product at October event. IMG

The article discusses Youtube's new Anti-AdBlock and how it works. It then delves into the usage of uBlock Origin as an effective tool against this anti-adblock policy.

Youtube's Anti-adblock and uBlock Origin IMG

Exploring the profound impact of the rise of digital innovations, emphasizing how these technological advancements are molding the present and shaping the future of the digital landscape.

Linux is 17% faster than Windows in 10 games. IMG

An in-depth exploration of how Live Nation and Ticketmaster incorporate hidden fees and charges into their online ticketing systems, and the potential consequences for attendees and the live events industry.

Senator says Ticketmaster still hiding ticket fees. IMG

This article details some of the unique challenges and queries presented by the enigmatic Tesla Cybertruck, specifically concerning the design and functionality of its brake lights.

Tesla Cybertruck's brake lights are confusing. IMG

Slack stops using X.

The retirement of API pricing and integration of Twitter with Slack promises a digital revolution in the workspace dynamics. The article delves into the details of new advancements.

Slack stops using X. IMG

A detailed look at the recent malvertising attack that took place via Google and ushered users into a deceptive version of a legitimate password manager site, KeePass. Affected users encountered serious privacy threats and possible system contamination. Let's explore how Google reacted, preventive ways to combat such attacks and the way forward.

Fake Keepass site appears genuine due to Google-hosted malvertising. IMG