Star Citizen adds $48,000 ship bundle, exclusive to players who spent $10,000+.

Star Citizen, the perennially-developing space simulator, is currently selling a new ship bundle for the staggering price of $48,000, only available to pre-existing VIP “concierge members” who have spent more than $1,000 in supporting the game

The ambitious space simulator 'Star Citizen' has introduced a new mega-package. But this one is exclusively for VIP 'concierge members' who have already spent more than $1,000 in the game.

The new offering is none other than the extraordinary 'Legatus Pack'. A financially daunting virtual goods package, carrying a whopping price tag of US$27,000, let alone tax.

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However, the exclusivity extends beyond merely a price tag. Only those who are part of the 'concierge' members can view the details of the 'Legatus Pack'.

Star Citizen adds $48,000 ship bundle, exclusive to players who spent $10,000+. ImageAlt

This membership is not easy or cheap to acquire. Players must have already spent at least $1,000 backing the game, a token of deep financial commitment adding to their cachet.

Cloud Imperium, the developers of Star Citizen, continue to break industry norms, falling prey to no ceiling when it comes to their in-game spending.

The studio allows enthusiasts to back the game by making purchases of virtual items with real money. The more they spend, the higher the status symbol they acquire - a testament to their passion for gaming and a deep-pocketed approach to supporting it.

The legitimacy of this approach is contestable. Critics debate about the kind of precedent this action could set for the industry.

Others posit that this method can be deemed exploitative, swaying the market balance to favour big spenders while playing with the exclusivity and vanity of the purchaser.

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Despite all this, Star Citizen maintains a substantial fan base that are enjoying the game, irrespective of its extravagant pricing for in-game items

These are loyal supporters of the game who argue they are contributing to the creation of what they believe could result as a revolutionary game in the genre.

They also argue they are at liberty to spend their money as they choose, like any other hobby, and deem the hefty price tags of in-game items worth every cent.

It's intriguing to note that plenty of these backers are not just those with huge wallets, but consist of individuals who are deeply passionate about the game.

'Star Citizen' has established itself quite uniquely in the gaming ecosystem, through its unconventional methods of roping in revenue.

The introduction of the 'Legatus Pack' isn't the first instance for the studio to adopt such an extravagant business model.

In November 2018, they offered a $27,000 bundle, which also came with similar restrictions of exclusivity.

In fact, such is the studio's confidence that these high-priced items will sell, they've never shown any signs of down-scaling their pricing strategies.

'Star Citizen', however, is yet a long way from completion.

This game has been in development since 2011 and has already surpassed its original target release date in 2014.

Despite these delays, the game continues to enjoy a large and dedicated fanbase, eagerly anticipating its release.

Nobody can make a definitive statement about when the final game will hit the market.

The specter of the 'Legatus Pack' brings to close scrutiny the whole concept of in-game transactions and their external implications.

The extremes that this instance has shown brings a burning spotlight to the blurred lines between gaming passion and financial exploitation.

It draws attention to whether there can be (or should be) a limit to what a gamer can be offered to purchase within a game.

It surely brings about debates on where the industry must draw its line when it comes to optional in-game transactions.

As audacious as it might sound, Star Citizen's $48,000 ship bundle could be signalling a new era in the gaming industry.

One where pricing is unfettered by standard norms and where exclusivity is king.

But it also unravels a new phase where the boundaries of micro-transactions are pushed to their extremes and where the gaming industry, as we know it, might never be the same.

Where it leads, only time will tell. But it's clear that with this game-changing move, Star Citizen continues to make waves - in its development process and its monetization model.