HP is trying a fresh take with its printer offering. But instead of conventional purchase, a rental model is their new presentation. And, there's a slight catch – HP will be keeping tabs on the gadget as users pay a monthly fee ranging from a few dollars to $36, all in exchange for a printer.

HP wants you to pay $36/month to rent a printer that they watch over. IMG

Reddit's new agreement seeks to employ its user-generated content to train artificial intelligence models, facilitating technological innovation and broadening opportunities for data scientists, AI programmers, and the tech community at large.

Reddit sold data to AI company before going public. IMG

Ex-United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, recently proposed requiring users to verify their identity when signing up for social media accounts. While her suggestion stirs debates regarding privacy and free speech, it also brings forth conversations about curbing online toxicity, harassment, and misinformation.

Nikki Haley wants you to confirm your identity on social media. IMG

Recent developments have shown that Microsoft’s Edge browser may be involved in commandeering Chrome tabs. This article explores these circumstances in detail and probes into the reactions, implications, and mitigation efforts for this unusual issue.

Edge taking Chrome tabs for some users. IMG

A detailed exploration of a recent data breach at 23andMe, and the ongoing need for users to take responsibility for regularly updating their passwords.

23andMe blames customers for data breach. IMG

An exploration of recent laws implemented in North Carolina and Montana that attempt to block adult content unless accessed via a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN). This discussion covers why these laws were introduced, their implications, enforcement, and public reaction.

North Carolina and Montana no longer have access to Pornhub. IMG

A comprehensive analysis on how TikTok, the globally recognized social media titan, now requires its patrons to overrule their rights for filing a lawsuit related to any past damages incurred. Unpack how this change impacts users and if such a policy is legally sound.

TikTok demands users to give up their right to sue for past injuries. IMG

In a recent court ruling, it was established that suspects are not required to provide their phone passcodes to the police. Our detailed exploration of this topic covers all its facets, ultimately helping the reader understand the significant implications for privacy and law enforcement.

Court rules in USA: Suspects allowed to deny phone passcodes to police. IMG

Highlighting data-breach issues faced by 23andMe, one of the leading genetics testing firms. Key focus on safeguarding sensitive data, regulatory obstacles and future implications for the industry.

The 23andMe data breach is getting worse and worse. IMG

Web-based control of police drones allows for worldwide remote operations, presenting an unprecedented paradigm shift in law enforcement trend. This ripple effect has raised critical concerns in regard to privacy and ethical considerations.

Cops worldwide can now operate drones remotely via web browsers. IMG

Mozilla's Firefox unveils a pioneer feature - the Firefox Hello - enabling encrypted video calling and file sharing for users. Learn about how they up the ante of online safety through this new development.

Say hello to a safer internet with Mozilla. IMG