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This article delves into the recent software upgrades made by General Motors (GM) to the CarPlay technology, discussing user reviews and the impact on overall user experience.

Facilitating the synergy between automobiles and innovation, General Motors (GM) continues to stand out. The company recently released an upgrade for their CarPlay technology. Enthusiasts and regular users alike are in awe of the remarkable features encompassed within this upgrade.

The software upgrade covers not only GM’s latest models but also its 2020 fleet of vehicles. This caters to a broad spectrum of users who may be planning to upgrade or are current owners of a 2020 GM vehicle.

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This CarPlay upgrade heralds a new era that embraces intuitive touch controls and convenient voice commands. With this, GM aims to enhance driver convenience and make journeys more enjoyable.


Indeed, user reviews so far reflect general satisfaction with the upgrade. The response underscores GM’s commitment to ensuring a seamless relationship between their customers and their vehicles.

User Experience: From Good to Great

What has user experience been like with this upgrade? Certainly more efficient, pleasurable and easy according to most reviews. From the ease of use to the improved aesthetics, the new CarPlay layout has been a hit amongst users.

It doesn’t end there. The upgrade has also vastly improved the speed of the technology. Now, switching between applications is much faster, greatly enhancing the overall user experience.

Users have lauded the new fullscreen mode. This feature allows applications like Apple Maps or Podcasts to occupy the entire screen, providing a clear and uncluttered view.

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Safe navigation is a concern for many drivers, and the new update addresses this remarkably. With the touchscreen feature, drivers can easily access maps and directions without distracting their attention from the road.

Voicing Out: Activating Siri

Moreover, GM’s innovative use of Siri as part of their CarPlay software upgrade provides a niche solution to hands-free usage. Voice control is a feature that has become increasingly popular due to the convenience it offers, and GM has incorporated it flawlessly.

While driving, users can effortlessly command Siri to carry out tasks like sending messages or making phone calls. This allows them to remain focused on driving while still being connected.

In addition, users can also request Siri to dictate incoming messages. This reduces driver distraction and promotes safer driving.

As the cherry on top, GM also enabled Siri's Eyes Free mode within the upgrade. In this mode, the screen turns off, thus completely eliminating any potential distractions from the phone.

Power of Overview: CarPlay Dashboard

The CarPlay Dashboard is another feature that enhances the overall user experience. It efficiently offers an overview of numerous applications without the need to switch screens.

From the Dashboard, drivers can easily view their GPS navigation, phone controls, and music players all in one place. This greatly minimizes the need to navigate through different applications while driving.

The Dashboard also offers personalized suggestions for destinations based on a driver’s frequent locations. This nifty addition comes in handy, especially on routine drives.

It also provides real-time updates on driving conditions, calendar events, and missed calls or messages, making the Dashboard an all-in-one control center for drivers.

Future Steps: Updates and Evolution

As General Motors continues to refine their automotive technology, it is clear that the company strives to balance convenience and safety. The CarPlay software upgrade is a testament to this commitment.

Despite the success of the upgrade, GM remains focused on additional improvements. The company is dedicated to continued innovation, promising more software updates in the future.

The software upgrade’s success serves as a powerful boost for GM. The company has set a high benchmark in the industry, living up to their reputation as a trailblazer in integrating technology and automobiles.

It’s an exciting era for automobile technology, and with this software upgrade, GM continues to lead the charge. It exemplifies how General Motors, through constant innovation, remains at the forefront of driving experiences.