Tesla knew about defective parts causing failures in cars but blamed drivers instead of taking responsibility. Thousands of customers reported problems, but Tesla had evidence of the chronic flaws and failures.

A deep look into the multiple complaints concerning Tesla's hyped Autosteer or Autopilot feature. The analysis focuses on user experiences, regulatory challenges and Tesla's response to these issues.

Issues with Tesla's Autopilot system

In recent times, we have seen a significant number of Tesla owners registering complaints about the functionality of Tesla's Autosteer or Autopilot feature. This has raised concerns globally, indicating a potential weakness within the system. Misalignment or wandering of the vehicle away from the identified lane were among the problems highlighted.

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The severity of such incidents has created ripples within the industry, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) taking notice of the increasing number of complaints regarding Tesla's autopilot technology.

Tesla knew about defective parts causing failures in cars but blamed drivers instead of taking responsibility. Thousands of customers reported problems, but Tesla had evidence of the chronic flaws and failures. ImageAlt

NHTSA is the chief regulator governing safety measures in the highways of the United States. Their main aim lies in ensuring safety standards are met, and any discrepancies are aptly notified and fixed. As such, these allegations against Tesla have caught their attention, particularly given the company's standing in the market.

In response to these complaints, Tesla has consistently held the view that their vehicles' autopilot feature is among the most sophisticated in the market, delivering superior automatic steering capabilities. They insist that it outperforms any comparable systems in the industry.

The experiences of Tesla owners

One Tesla owner revealed that his Model S vehicle began steering to the opposite direction while on Autopilot, causing a potential safety risk. He stated the problem was with the alignment and he needed to visit several service centers before the issue was resolved.

Another owner reported his vehicle veering off towards the edge of the road while using Autosteer, suggesting an issue with the vehicle's sensors or software. Such incidences happening to more than one owner underscore a potential systematic issue.

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More worrying, multiple cases have been reported of Tesla cars with Autosteer function crashing into stationary objects, resulting in injuries to occupants. These are serious allegations, challenging Tesla's claim of their cars being the safest in the market.

However, other owners have praised the feature, asserting that the Autosteer function has performed as expected in their vehicles. Despite the multitude of complaints, there are others who assert that the system, while not perfect, has lived up to their expectations.

Regulatory scrutiny of Tesla

The safety issues raised have not escaped the regulatory authorities' attention. NHTSA has intimated their concern over these allegations, pointing towards a possible investigation into these claims. Their major grievance lies with safety, which they believe is being compromised.

The regulator has documented these complaints and made them public, hence adding more weight to the allegations set against Tesla. Their aim is to see that these complaints are handled with the gravity they deserve and pertinent changes are made to enhance order on the highways.

Tesla has faced previous regulatory scrutiny, leading to recall orders for several models due to technical issues. This increased attention could lead to the same, pending the results of any potential investigations.

The regulatory bodies are mandated to secure road safety. Therefore, they have to treat such allegations seriously, regardless of the stature of the company involved. Their obligation to the public supersedes any other considerations.

Tesla's response to the complaints

In response to the increasing complaints, Tesla has consistently stated that their vehicles are safe and their Autosteer feature remains superior. They have also kept their communication lines open, willing to cooperate with the regulators over the subject.

Additionally, Tesla has stated that they have internal checks in place to ensure their Autopilot feature performs at an optimal level. The increases in complaints, they assert, is due to increased scrutiny on their cars rather than a fundamental problem with their systems.

Despite the increased attention, Tesla maintains that any problem linked to their vehicles is addressed and rectified with utter urgency, keeping safety at the forefront. Their reputation, they say, is heavily reliant on their commitment to safety.

Tesla has also invited the public to report any issues in a move geared to promote transparency. In this way, they aim to assure their customers and the public of their dedication to safety and quality.