Cloud9 Mid Laner EMENES Under Fire for Xenophobic Comments

Cloud9 mid laner EMENES is facing backlash for making xenophobic comments in solo queue, leading to criticism and a response from C9.

Cloud9 EMENES under fire for “xenophobic” comments

Jang ‘EMENES’ Min-soo has had a roller coaster of a year with Cloud9. From coming in mid way through the Spring split and winning it all to failing at the last leg in Summer, he’s been a very hot and cold mid laner that looks better than everyone else at some times, while he falters at others.

Ultimately, however, he’s become the mainstay mid laner for the team and has captured the hearts of fans as his confidence on-stage has grown. There were allegations against him for being a toxic player on past teams, but he’s risen past those rumors during his time on Cloud9.

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However, his recent behavior in a solo queue match has given fans pause. His “xenophobic” comments toward Spear_shot, a Pantheon one-trick streamer, have sparked controversy against EMENES.

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Cloud9 EMENES under fire for “xenophobic” comments

The conversation was sparked by chat logs from EMENES in a Korean solo queue game toward Spear_shot, chat logs he posted on Twitter.

The chats from EMENES displayed him calling Spear_shot a “disgusting eu streamer” and depicted the Cloud9 mid laner telling him to “go your country plz,” sparking criticism toward EMENES of him making “xenophobic” comments toward others.

Streamer and former Cloud9 coach LS was quick to call him out, saying that his comments were “contradictory,” considering that EMENES is native to South Korea and has made a career for himself playing in other countries.

EMENES then backed up his comments in reply to LS.

“I love and respect LCS and LEC with players, but you know, most of time this one trick streamers flameing whole teams with huge griefing and if someone say bad things player get punish[ed] instantly? That game I was trying really hard to win, but this guy doesn’t want [to win].

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EMENES had more to say, this time in his native language of Korean. He apologized for going too far with his comments, but has no intentions of apologizing to Spear_shot.

“I’m not criticizing all streamers, but no matter what server you play on, some ‘broadcasters’ ignore the normal rules of the game and constantly ruin the game when things don’t go their way, and the average player thinks that if they say something to them, they’ll throw it again next time. I am patient. However, I endured the excessive play until the end of the game.”

EMENES continued: “Do you know how many athletes are disadvantaged for just saying something and then immediately taking advantage of the criticism they received? I am sorry to my fans for my over-the-top remarks. However, I cannot apologize to people, including that streamer, who maliciously break basic rules for viewer interest.”

Ultimately, Cloud9 have listened to criticism from League streamers, creators, and other community pillars and have taken action into their own hands.

“We are aware of the current situation regarding our player’s behavior in-game and are addressing the matter internally,” was what Cloud9 had to say about the situation.

It’s yet unclear whether Riot themselves will step in and take administrative action against EMENES, and we’ll keep the story updated as the situation unfolds.