Revealed: How To Bring Back 4-Star Version of Heimerdinger in Set 9 Mid-update

The 4-star Heimerdinger, an in-game item in the popular auto chess title TFT, which was removed in a mid-set update, has been reinstated in a secret way.


The Lead designer of Teamfight Tactics, Mortdog, has shown players how to reintroduce the 4-star version of Heimerdinger from Set 9 in the mid-set update.

Changes in The Mid-Set Update

The highly sought-after auto chess title, Teamfight Tactics (TFT), recently rolled out its mid-set for Runeterra Reforged. This mid-set update, part of Set 9, represents a vital part of the game, featuring several changes such as reworked items, new traits, and units while eliminating some older elements. The update notably saw the removal of Yordle, Shadow Isle, and Deadeyes in the 9.5 mid-set, making room for incoming traits like Vanquisher and Bilgewater.

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About the Yordle Trait

Yordle, one of the least utilized traits from Set 9, was centred around rerolling lower-cost units to significantly boost their power. When a player managed to 3-star 3 of their units, their strongest Yordle would become a 4-star unit, thereby enhancing their power and integrating a bonus into their ability. Nevertheless, the trait was rarely used after its initial introduction and has now been removed entirely from the game. However, TFT's developers have included an exciting easter egg for players to discover.

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Reintroduction of 4-Star Heimerdinger

Despite the removal of the trait, players can still acquire a 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5. Heimerdinger is an expensive 5-cost unit, complete with its own fighting turret. A 4-star Heimerdinger would let out a flood of electric grenades at the start of the round, virtually singlehandedly defeating the entire enemy board and securing the match instantly.

Deciphering How to Attain The 4-Star Unit

Many players have been inquisitive about the methods to still gain the elusive 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5. Various theories have been tested, and speculation was made that having three 3-starred units may initiate the condition; however, no conjecture seemed accurate so far. Mortdog, the lead designer of Teamfight Tactics, clarified the conditions needed for a 4-star Heimerdinger: players would need to 3-star both their Poppy and Heimerdinger to reintroduce the 4-star inventor.


Acquiring a 4-star Heimerdinger is quite challenging, considering Poppy is a low-cost unit and Heimerdinger is a costly unit. However, those who accomplish this feat are rewarded with a rare easter egg that adds to the entertainment value of the game.