KT Pyosik decided to be nice and not steal the penta when Deft yelled.

In the heat of high stakes games, the camaraderie between game members is tested. This article explores the playful dynamic between KT's star player Pyosik, and team member Deft during a crucial moment.

A Display of Camaraderie

During a recent League of Legends championship game, Pyosik, one of KT Rolster's star players, found himself in an interesting situation. This well-known player is a star in the sport for good reason, with remarkable prowess and agility in gameplay. While he always plays to win, Pyosik is also known for his playful side, which was displayed on this particular occasion. This instance involved his teammate Deft's request for a Pentakill.

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In the heat of the game, Deft, another recognized player from KT Rolster, was close to achieving a Pentakill. Whenever a player accomplishes a Pentakill, it's considered a significant feat due to the difficulty of the task. Overcoming five consecutive enemy champions is no easy task, and the player doing so is often greeted with great acclaim.

KT Pyosik decided to be nice and not steal the penta when Deft yelled. ImageAlt

Deft was in a prime position to achieve this feat and understandably excited about it. He couldn’t help but yell out 'Penta!' In the midst of the chaotic battlefield, this exclamation resonated across the team chat. It was an implicit plea for assistance from his teammates to make this remarkable feat possible.

Upon hearing Deft's shout, Pyosik found himself in a difficult spot. On the one hand, he could assist Deft by pulling back, ensuring Deft's chance at claiming the elusive Pentakill. On the other, he could seize the opportunity himself, solidifying his standing as one of the most formidable players on the field.

The Decision

What might have been a fleeting moment of self-interest was quickly overshadowed by the camaraderie between the players. Pyosik made a split-second decision that honored Deft’s potential glory. Though he had every opportunity to capitalize on the situation, Pyosik chose to step back. The Pentakill was all Deft's if he could only secure it.

This instantaneous yet essential decision speaks volumes about Pyosik's character and integrity. Despite the thrill of personal gain, he prioritized the team's overall success and recognized Deft's prestigious moment. Pyosik's sportsmanship exemplified here, is a mark of his role as a leader within KT Rolster.

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Pyosik's decision reflects the broader ethos of KT Rolster as well. The team culture nurtures players to prioritize collective wins over individual victories. This ethos underpins the team's overall successes and serves as one of many reasons why KT Rolster is highly revered in the League of Legends circuit.

Deft, now with a clear path ahead, could clinch the coveted Pentakill. The tension within the game was palpable, as Deft readied himself for the task at hand. His teammates, especially Pyosik, waited with bated breath to watch the unfolding drama.

The Result

In a show of extraordinary expertise, Deft successfully clinched the Pentakill he so passionately yearned for. The cheers that burst forth from his teammates was a testament to their unity and the shared joy they experienced in their collective triumph.

The aftermath of the game saw an exhilarated Deft, overwhelmed not just by his singular achievement but also by the display of solidarity that led to it. Pyosik's decision to restrain himself, giving Deft a clear shot at the Pentakill, truly embodied the essence of teamwork.

Though Pyosik joked after the match about his initial temptation to 'steal' the Pentakill from Deft, the underlying element of respect and sportsmanship was evident. It was a testament to the bond between the two players and beyond that, the entire KT Rolster team.

Indeed, this event also spurred on an outpouring of support and admiration from the League of Legends community. Fans across the globe lauded Pyosik's graceful response to what could have been a divisive moment. His action served as a stark reminder that compassion and team spirit often supersede individual glories in sports.

Profound Implications

The incident stirred broader, profounder implications too. It highlighted the essence of sportsmanship, and how that element is paramount to creating a healthy competitive atmosphere. It reminded onlookers that even in the middle of fever-pitched battles, some moments are best enjoyed together as a team.

Furthermore, it underscored the responsibility of being a team leader. Pyosik's decision to hold back demonstrated how one's actions can significantly affect the overall morale and camaraderie within a team. A leader, after all, sets the tone, pattern, and ethos of how the team functions.

Finally, it resurrected the age-old debate about individual glory versus team success. While personal triumphs contribute to a player's standing and recognition, they aren't the only indicators of a player's worth. Pyosik's actions exemplified how sometimes, a game's true victory lies in the harmony of teamwork and mutual trust.

The game, thus, served as a unique moment in the world of eSports and within the League of Legends community. It made headlines not just for the game plays, but for the significant message of camaraderie it reflected.


In conclusion, Pyosik's decision to hold back highlighted his sportsmanship, showcased the camaraderie within KT Rolster, and reiterated the essence of sport. As a PR tour de force, it underpinned the broader message - victories and glories, at the end of the day, are sweeter when shared.