T1 Faker praises original team captain and support, PoohManDu: "He played a huge role in our team's success." Remembering the early days of Korean League of Legends and the impact of PoohManDu and other first-gen pros.

A detailed examination of the journey of professional gamer Faker, and the crucial role played by his coach, PoohManDu, in shaping his path to success.

The world of competitive esports is filled with tales of talent and triumph. One such tale is the journey of professional gamer Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok. His name is now synonymous with success, but achieving this status in League Of Legends wasn't a solo mission. Crucial to his rise to the top was the guidance of his coach, Yoonsup 'PoohManDu' Jeong.

As an amateur, Faker had a distinct approach to games. However, it was PoohManDu who honed Faker's raw talent into a formidable weapon. The coach dedicated long hours to helping him master his craft, and that effort bore fruit when Faker rose to the top of the global leaderboard.

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PoohManDu's unique coaching style proved to be effective. He recognized that Faker needed room to experiment and make mistakes. Instead of imposing a rigid framework, the coach enabled his mentee to follow his instincts and refine his play style.

T1 Faker praises original team captain and support, PoohManDu: "He played a huge role in our team

The synergy between Faker and PoohManDu cannot be overestimated. PoohManDu's flexibility enabled Faker to thrive, while Faker responded with an unwavering commitment to growth and improvement. This dynamic duo redefined how coaching is viewed in esports.

Personal Evolution as a Gamer

As Faker evolved, so did PoohManDu's approach. The coach didn't rest on past successes but was always looking for ways to refine Faker's game. This relentless pursuit of improvement kept them at the top of their game, setting new standards for everyone in esports.

PoohManDu's influence on Faker's development can be seen in Faker's game statistics. As a result of the consistent training and match practice, Faker's skills consistently improved. Achieving such excellent numbers is a testament to the player-coach partnership.

To understand the impact of PoohManDu's coaching, one must examine Faker's trajectory. All the achievements that Faker garnered can be traced back to the close-knit mentor-mentee relationship. This symbiotic relationship transcended typical coaching boundaries.

Even in stressful moments, PoohManDu maintained composure and strategic focus. His ability to steer Faker through the stormy seas of competition has gained him respect from all corners. The duo's triumph is a result of their perseverance and hard work.

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Changing the Face of Esports

The relationship between Faker and PoohManDu has shaped success stories in the history of esports. Their story is not just about a talented player and an amazing coach, but about a friendship that thrived on mutual respect and a shared dedication to excellence.

The relentless dedication and passion demonstrated by Faker and PoohManDu are now the gold standard in esports. Faker's journey is an inspiration to many, showing that with the right guidance, dedication and patience, gamers can reach astounding heights.

Success in esports isn't solely about a player's skill level. It is also about how well they are guided and mentored. This is evident in Faker's journey, where PoohManDu's coaching transformed him from amateur player to international sensation.

While many focus on Faker's skills, his success story cannot be separated from the unwavering support provided by PoohManDu. This legendary player-coach duo serves as a blueprint for guiding future generations of gamers.

The Legacy of a Partnership

The bond between Faker and PoohManDu goes beyond the gaming arena. Their relationship reveals the importance of trust, communication, and mutual respect. These values have served as a foundation for Faker's rise to global fame and serve as a beacon for aspiring gamers.

PoohManDu's coaching methodologies have become a benchmark in the esports community. His work with Faker sets an example of how coaching should be done, providing a road map for aspiring coaches across the globe.

In the world of esports, Faker's name rings with reverence and respect. He is often described as the 'Michael Jordan of Esports'. However, behind this star player is the tireless work of his coach, PoohManDu, who has crafted a champion.

The legacy of Faker and PoohManDu is a testament to determination, teamwork, and a shared passion for gaming. The collaboration between player and coach elevates not only the individuals involved but the entire art of gaming.


Faker's journey to esports stardom is a reflection of his determination, skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Yet, no story of success is complete without recognizing the pivotal role played by Yoonsup 'PoohManDu' Jeong, whose mentorship has been integral to Faker's rise.

It wasn't just Faker's skills or PoohManDu's coaching alone that brought success. It was their bond, their shared vision and their relentless dedication that propelled them to the zenith of the gaming world. This partnership embodies the essence of esports.

As any successful athlete knows, having a great coach can make all the difference. And as the legend of Faker continues to unfold, one thing is clear: without PoohManDu, the story wouldn't be nearly as compelling.

The tale of Faker and PoohManDu is not just a success story in esports but a model of mentorship and character building for all. Through their journey, we learn that success is not just about talent, but also about discipline, perseverance, and the power of a great coaching relationship.