Pokemon Go: Controversy Over Code Rewards

Niantic offers a code for players to claim free items ahead of the Sinnoh Tour Global event. However, there is widespread disappointment due to the perceived lack of value in the gifts.

As Pokemon Go gears up for the Sinnoh Tour Global event, Niantic has issued a code that carries free items for every player. However, the nature of the rewards and the deployment process has left many players discontented.

The upcoming event in Pokemon Go, named Sinnoh Tour Global, is set to take place on 24th and 25th of February. A celebration of all Pokemon critters originating from the Sinnoh and Hisui regions, it promises much excitement with the likes of the Origin Forme Giratina and various beginner Pokemon in the limelight.

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Niantic is joining in the gala by releasing a specific promo code for players to redeem. The code carries special rewards without any cost. But the reaction of the game’s massive player base has not been as enthusiastic as expected.

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Reasons for dissatisfaction are numerous. Players feel that the promised rewards are not sufficiently valuable to warrant their interest or excitement.

Niantic’s Sinnoh Tour offering greeted with negative response

The code labelled ‘GOTOURBONUS’ is designed to bestow players with a free Silver Pinap Berry and a Rare Candy upon redemption. Admittedly, these items are useful but critics argue that offering merely one of each item is quite paltry and diminishing.

“If Niantic does this unironically, I’m genuinely wondering if the team/devs ever played the game..like imagine thinking that code’s worth 2 shits,” expressed one disgruntled player.

Another user expressed, “This code has to be a litmus test/social experiment. It’s like finding a penny on the ground – sure, it’s not worthless, but it’s nigh enough to useless as to not warrant the effort.”

We also find players sharing humorous memes around the announcement, terming the whole episode as ‘worthless’.

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The player dissatisfaction continues...

Many gamers go on to contend that the procedure to redeem rewards in Pokemon Go is more cumbersome than the actual rewards are worth. This particularly holds true when the rewards in question are insignificant.

It is to be noted that Pokemon Go does not provide the feature of redeeming codes within the game. Niantic requires players to do so through an online platform, making it a bit of a chore. Although Android players once enjoyed in-app redemption, this facility was suspended earlier this month.

The unfortunate woes continue as players mention facing certain technical glitches while trying to get their hands on the berry and candy. Common complaints include receiving messages that either the code was not valid or that they were not eligible for it.

Niantic under scrutiny for Sinnoh Tour issues

Apart from the code controversy, the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh itself has faced criticism from players. Many people who were part of the Los Angeles event last week have highlighted certain unresolved matters.

Niantic felt compelled to tender an apology and extend event timings due to these irregularities. The company’s response reflects its aim to please its user base despite the hiccups.

Meanwhile, the code controversy is trending among Pokemon Go players. Although the dissatisfaction stems from multiple reasons, it basically boils down to the incongruity between the trouble of redeeming and the actual value of the rewards. Niantic will need to consider player feedback carefully to facilitate a more seamless and rewarding gameplay experience in the future.