Pokemon Go Incense Effectiveness Fuel Debates

Analysis of the grievances of Pokemon Go players towards the effectiveness of the Incense feature and their demands of Niantic for improvements.

In the world of Pokemon Go, a feature known as Incense was designed to benefit players by enabling them to attract Pokemon to their current locations without much movement. This was seen as a way to provide rest for players from constant wandering to spot Pokemon.

However, there are different versions of Incense such as Daily Adventure Incense and regular Incense. These variations not only have different usage requirements but also last for different durations.

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Recently, the operation of the regular Incense feature has been subject of discussions among players and criticisms have emerged. These criticisms are about the efficiency of the Incense feature when used by stationary players compared to players on the move.

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Currently, the regular Incense attracts one Pokemon every five minutes or one for every 100-200 meters of walking, making it highly efficient for on-the-move players than stationary ones. This mechanism contradicts the initial purpose of the feature and has led to calls for changes from players.

Pokemon Go Incense, Worth It or Not?

Some players have expressed their disappointment with the Incense feature, especially the regular Incense. One particularly outspoken player claimed that they used to rely on the Daily Adventure Incense for frequent encounters with Pokemon but were let down when they tried the regular Incense.

According to the player, using the regular Incense only yielded few Pokemon, far less than what they were used to with the Daily Adventure Incense. This observation sparked off discomfort among other players who shared similar experiences.

In the players' opinion, using the regular Incense seemed unproductive and didn't meet their expectations. Criticisms followed the player's story on a popular online forum, where other players also voiced their opinions about the Incense feature.

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It appeared that many players agreed that the regular Incense made little sense. They complained about how it requires walking to effectively attract Pokemon while it was initially designed to be useful for home play when players can't move around much.

The Other Side of the Coin

However, it wasn't just complaints and demands all around. Other players seemed to understand why Incense works the way it does. They recalled that Pokemon GO was essentially made to promote physical activities, hence the effectiveness of the Incense while walking.

Some players therefore saw no problem with the Incense mechanism. They questioned players who complained about the efficiency of the item while sitting still and encouraged the significance of mobility to properly utilize the Incense feature.

Since Pokemon GO was designed as an active game, the Incense feature's need for players to move around makes sense, according to some players. While this suggests that criticisms might not bring about a change in the feature, the debate continues among players.

While this argument goes on, other recent occurrences have also caused dissatisfaction among Pokemon GO players. An example is the introduction of a character named Mateo, who some players find extremely unimpressive.

Overall, divergent views about the Incense feature in Pokemon GO and other recent developments highlight the different expectations of players. It also brings to light the task of game designers in balancing these expectations while retaining the game's main goal.