Updating Champion Mastery in /dev.

An overview of the updated champion mastery system in the popular video game League of Legends. Discussing the changes, motivations behind them, and their impact on the gaming experience.


League of Legends, a well-known online game, has recently updated its champion mastery system. Although the system's purpose remains to reward players for their competence with different champions, its complete overhaul has changed the method and criteria for assessing players' abilities significantly.

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Being one of the game’s key features, this amendment aims to enhance the gaming experience. This manuscript delineates the changes, uncovers the motivation behind the modifications, and investigates their impact on the overall gameplay.

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Understanding the elements and mechanics behind the game and its characters is pivotal for a successful gaming journey. The champion mastery system has always been a cornerstone to identify such proficiency - hence, apprehending these adjustments is crucial.

Purpose Of The Update

League of Legends aims to foster a meaningful gaming experience by adding strategic depth and engagement. Mastery points symbolize players’ commitment and dedication towards a champion, alongside indicating their competence with that particular character.

The old mastery system, however, started creating discrepancies between mastery points and player ability, which felt unsatisfying for the gamers. Mastery points were seen as a measure of time investment rather than skill.

The new modifications aim to address these issues by altering the way points are awarded. Now, performing well in a match significantly impacts the total number of points one can earn, as it is directly linked to the grade earned in each game.

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Thus, players will now have to rely on proficiency rather than the time spent on a specific champion, thereby closing the gap between mastery points and actual skill level.

Key Changes

The champion mastery update revolutionizes the entire award system. Initially, the points were based solely on the match's result; victory or defeat. Now, your performance during the match concerning your champion will be the chief factor determining the points granted.

This new performance-based system aligns with the concept of 'mastery', making it a more accurate depiction of players' abilities for each champion. Subsequently, gamers have to employ strategic decisions and showcase their skills to earn more points.

Markedly, the more skilled a player is with a particular champion, the more points they can earn in each match. The points then accumulate to unlock higher mastery levels for that champion, a testament to their prowess.

Essentially, this update promotes skillful gameplay, rewarding players not just for winning, but also for how they maneuver their champions throughout the match.

Impact On Gameplay

As these changes integrate into the gaming experience, they are bound to impact the gameplay significantly. Primarily, the reformed system incites players to master different champions instead of constantly playing their usual ones.

Tiering up to higher mastery levels will now demand more than just a hefty time investment - it requires actual expertise with the champion. This shift encourages players to extend their champion knowledge, thereby adding variety to gameplay.

Moreover, the performance-based points will add a new layer of competitiveness to the game. Players striving for more points will need to think strategically, employ different techniques, and adjust playing styles according to their chosen champion.

In essence, the updated mastery system adds a new complexity to the game that compels players to evolve their gameplay style, adding an exciting freshness to each match.


The new champion mastery system meticulously adjusts the gaming dynamics. It restores the original essence of the mastery concept, promoting skillset over time investment, and inspiring players to diversify their champion pool.

With these changes, League of Legends initiates a more engaging and strategic gameplay. The system now truly rewards players' mastery over their champions - making each point and level earned more meaningful and fulfilling.

This overhaul is a step towards perfecting the gaming experience and the fairness within it while laying the groundwork for further enhancements that League of Legends may introduce in the future.

The newly introduced changes to the champion mastery system represent an effort to continuously improve and innovate the game, ensuring it stays arousing and relevant for its global player base..