A Change in Cloud9's Leadership: Mithy Steps Down

A look into the departure of the coach of the e-sports team, Cloud9, and its impact on the highly anticipated super team.

Mithy has been significantly involved with the e-sports team, Cloud9, for a lengthy period of years. Yet, he made the decision to break ties with the organization in the aftermath of a disappointing performance from the super team.

Cloud9 has frequently been referred to as a 'super team' owing to its star-studded roster. The expectations stemming from their signing of some of the industry's top players have unfortunately turned into a curse. Although they secured the third place in the playoffs, this unexpected turn of events caused them to miss out on MSI 2024, a crucial tournament.

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Following Mithy's intermittent two-year stint as the coach of Cloud9, he is now relinquishing his role within the team. The dissatisfaction with his team's performance has culminated in him stepping down from his position.

A Change in Cloud9

Mithy asserted, 'It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of my union with C9. Even though our team didn't match up to its projected abilities, I sustain an immense amount of respect and affection for both the organization and its players.'

Mithy's comment was an echo of the expectations surrounding the signing of the ex-LCS MVP jojopyun and Berserker, a duo with the potential to dominate the region. Coupled with the decision to rehire Vulcan along with retaining Blaber and Fudge, this team boasted an impressive lineup that held the top rank in many fan and analyst power rankings at the start of the year.

For this roster, attaining anything less than outright victory was a disappointment to most, including Mithy. Their subsequent losses to FlyQuest and Team Liquid, both ending in a 3-0 defeat, dwindled fans' confidence in the team, despite ending in third place on paper.

Behind-the-scenes footage from the Cloud9 team revealed high levels of tension within the team. Instances of Berserker punching the wall and slamming doors seem to indicate a pattern. Given these circumstances, it wouldn't be surprising if there are further changes made to the team moving forward.

Cloud9 themselves have hinted at upcoming changes with a cryptic message on social media saying, 'Expect the unexpected.'

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Superstar player jojopyun allegedly received offers to compete in the LCK due to his notable capabilities as a player. It is uncertain whether C9 would opt to regroup with this roster in the summer season. However, there is a chance they could alter their coaching staff in an attempt to create a more cohesive team.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Cloud9's planned moves, it's unclear who they will choose as their new coach, irrespective of the ultimate team structure. However, if there is one projection that can be made, it is that LS is unlikely to fill this role.

Overall, the Cloud9 team has seen dramatic changes, particularly with Mithy stepping down as coach. Despite the initial expectations placed on this super team, their performance fell short. The fallout has resulted in missed opportunities, significant changes, and a future filled with uncertainty.