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This article discusses the role and importance of music in the world of eSports gaming, as reflected in a recent FIFA online blog post. The post sheds light on the significance of music as a vital augment to the gaming experience in FIFA’s online match world.


Music has expanded beyond the realms of entertainment to play an integral role in varied aspects of life. One such unexpected domain that has been significantly influenced by music is eSports gaming. An important part of the gaming world today, eSports often integrate dynamic arrangements of music into their design to enhance the player’s experience.

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The Role of Music in eSports

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The impact of music on eSports gaming comes in multiple forms - it sets the tone of the game, enhances game navigation, and intensifies emotional reactions. Many popular games on the market today, such as FIFA, make prominent use of music. Regularly updating their background soundtracks ensure players continue to have a positive and immersive experience.

Influence of Music on Gamers

The influence of well-composed music on the gamer’s experience is noteworthy. Studies indicate that people’s reaction times, decision-making, and overall gameplay can be significantly influenced by the type of music they listen to while playing. Therefore, integrating the right tunes is of paramount importance in creating engaging gameplay.

Music and Emotion in eSports

Music plays an essential role in evoking emotions in gamers. A carefully selected soundtrack that is appropriate for the game setting can draw deeper emotional responses from players. This contributes significantly to the overall game experience.

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The FIFA Series and Music

The FIFA series sets a great example of how meaningful the integration of music into the gaming experience can be. From FIFA ‘15 to the latest release, FIFA Online part 5, they have used music to create an engaging and immersive gaming environment.

Dynamic Features of FIFA's Soundtracks

FIFA's soundtracks often feature work from new artists and evolving music genres, helping the game stay fresh and relevant. This commitment to driving excitement through music makes them not only a leader in the gaming industry but a conduit of popular culture.

FIFA's Role in Music Discovery

FIFA also utilizes its platform to promote groundbreaking artists. The use of such music not only benefits their gaming world but also allows these artists to reach vast global audiences through this unconventional form of marketing.

Music Genre and Game Appeal

The genre of music used can also significantly impact a game's attraction. For instance, the FIFA series uses fast-paced music to match the high-intensity action of the games. This choice is strategic and decisive in capturing the essence of the gameplay.

BGMs in eSports: Drivers of Momentum

Background music (BGM) often helps drive the momentum of eSports events. It is used to set the tone of the event, build up tension, and create an immersive, captivating atmosphere for spectators and gamers alike.

Flow State through Music

Another aspect of gaming music is the potential to induce a 'flow state' in players. This mental state, characterized by complete absorption and heightened focus, can be triggered by the right ensemble of music.

Music in Virtual Reality eSports

Music is particularly crucial in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) eSports, where sound is an integral part of the entire immersive experience. Carefully curated playlists can significantly enhance the VR sports world by providing an auditory experience that complements the visual stimuli.

How Music Affects Player Performance

The performance of eSports athletes can also be profoundly affected by music. Fast tempo music can energize players, while mellow tunes can help calm nerves during intense tournaments or championships.

Music inclusivity in eSports

The use of culturally diverse soundtracks in eSports also illustrates inclusivity within the gaming world. It is a way to embrace different cultures and highlight the unity within diversity present in the gaming community.

Off-Game Playlist of eSports Athletes

Many eSports athletes also use music as a tool for off-game concentration or relaxation. Favorite playlists or personalized soundtracks can help gamers prepare mentally for upcoming matches or unwind after a challenging game.


To summarise, music has an undeniable impact on the world of eSports gaming. It contributes significantly to creating a captivating virtual world, making games engaging, and improving players’ overall performance. The amalgamation of music into eSports is an evolving domain; it continues to sculpt the gaming world in interesting and dynamic ways.