14.2 Patch Updates

A comprehensive review of the changes brought by Patch 14.2 of the popular game League of Legends, including modifications to champions and items as well as quality of life improvements.

The popular game League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, recently released Patch 14.2. This update saw numerous changes being made to the game elements, including its champions, items, and summoner spells.

The patch brought significant modifications to several champions among the game's large roster. For instance, the champion 'Aatrox,' known for his life steal abilities and high-damage potential, received certain nerfs. His Passive: Deathbringer Stance had its healing versus monsters reduced from 100% to 50%, affecting his jungle effectiveness.

Patch 14.4 has been released with new updates and changes.
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Another champion, Akali, also experienced changes with this version. Her Q: Five Point Strike had its damage decreased slightly, and her R: Perfect Execution's initial R1 dash speed was reduced, impacting her ability to perform frequent bursts of damage in battles.

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The champion Katarina also saw substantial changes. Her E: Shunpo's on-hit effects were partly migrated into other abilities, impacting her overall burst combo playstyle. This change aimed to smooth out her gameplay and make her less dependent on a single ability.

Changes in Items

Changes were not only confined to champions. Riot Games also made several alterations to in-game items, which significantly influenced their effectiveness and usability. One prominent example is the Sunfire Aegis. Its 'Immolate' burn damage has been increased, making it a more potent option for tanks.

The item 'Night Harvester' also experienced some modifications. Its 'Soulrend' damage decreased, thus affecting its burst potential against enemies. The item 'Riftmaker,' known for its 'Void Corruption' stacks, had a change in its omnivamp statistics, influencing the player's survival probability in fights.

Summoner Spell Adjustments

The patch also included some fundamental changes to the summoner spells in the game. For instance, 'Flash,' arguably the most crucial spell in the game, had a minor quality-of-life adjustment that made its use more comfortable for players.

'Teleport,' another pivotal summoner spell, was also altered. It now provides movement speed after being used, reinforcing its use in plays and giving it additional utility in games.

SK vs FNC - SK's crazy teleport results in a sweet pick.
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Another change was to the 'Smite' summoner spell. With this update, smite damage to minions is now displayed, allowing players to strategize and maximize its utility more effectively.

The 'Ghost' summoner spell also underwent a minor change. It now provides additional movement speed when activated, making it a more viable pick in specific scenarios and enhancing its overall implementation during the game.

Quality of Life Adjustments

Quality of life improvements were also a significant part of the Patch 14.2. Riot Games made efforts to declutter the in-game UI and made it more intuitive for new and veteran players.

An aspect of these changes includes an update in the game's 'Shop.' Now, items recommended to the player are based on their current champion, acknowledging the specific champion's strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, Patch 14.2 significantly impacted the gameplay dynamics of League of Legends. This is evidenced by the changes in the champions, game items, summoner spells, and the inclusion of quality-of-life adjustments.

This patch saw an overall shift in the meta of the game, making some champions more formidable while nerfing others, tweaking item stats, and updating summoner spell capabilities. This shift aims to enhance balance and fairness in gameplay.