Caps Secures Tenth Domestic Title, Solidifies Legacy as LEC's GOAT

Caps, the European League of Legends superstar, has claimed his tenth domestic title, establishing himself as the greatest player in the history of the LEC.

Caps: The European League of Legends GOAT


Caps has been at the top of discussions as the greatest of all time (GOAT) when it comes to European League of Legends. However, now that he’s claimed his tenth domestic title, there’s no argument to be made that he isn’t the absolute best player Europe has produced.

Caps' Dominance

Caps. Claps. Craps. Though it’s hard to know whether you’ll get Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther’s true Claps final form when it matters most, he truly stands a head above every other mid laner in Europe even on his bad days. There are few players who have been able to replicate his highs, and, seeing as 2019 G2 is the only Western team to take an international title in modern League of Legends, you’d be hard-pressed to argue against Caps being the greatest LEC player of all time. And, with his tenth title in hand at the LEC Season Finals, Caps has earned himself a new record within the region and only further cemented his legacy.

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Caps: The LEC GOAT

The LEC has spawned many a great League of Legends player. From the complete G2 roster from the team’s golden era in 2019 to players that defined Fnatic like Rekkles and Bwipo, all the way to the new dynasty built by MAD Lions in their incredibly dominant 2021 showing; Europe has no shortage of stellar players. However, Caps is a different breed. He’s outlived every other LEC great by a wide margin and has been able to keep his performance at an incredibly high level, being the best or second best mid laner in the region at almost all times for the past several years. With a tenth title to his name, Caps’ domestic success is matched only by Faker.

Caps Secures Tenth Domestic Title, Solidifies Legacy as LEC

Caps' Legacy

As someone who’s shown a diverse champion pool and the ability to adapt to metas as they emerge, Caps has managed to stay relevant for years and his effort has paid off. And, though he did have some of his success on Fnatic in previous years, he’s become the face of G2 and has defined the very best moments in the organization’s history. The only accolade he’s missing is a Worlds title, something G2 will surely be looking to take this time around. G2 had a rough go of things at MSI 2023, however, so they’ll need to really step it up if they want to make their mark internationally.