A comprehensive analysis of the estimated income of popular streamers on Twitch, through ad revenue, subscriptions, and donations.

Top Twitch Streamers and Their Earnings

While some twitch streamers stream as a hobby, for others, it's a highly profitable career. They not only enjoy what they do but also earn fantastic salaries. Identifying the potential of this platform as an income source, many gamers and entertainers are turning to Twitch.

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However, it's not easy to determine how much these streamers make. The earnings come from various sources like advertisements, subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. Let's scrutinize some data from a handful of top Twitch streamers to estimate their earnings.

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The list includes popular names like Lirik, XQCOW, Ludwig, and RanbooLive to name a few.

XQCOW's Estimated Earnings

XQCOW, the Twitch handle of former professional Overwatch player, Félix Lengyel, has an impressive fan following. Favorably, estimating his revenue is feasible due to the availability of some public data.

According to the data, on average, his channel generates a staggering $1.5 million monthly. Most of his revenue comes from subscribers, followed by ad revenue and donations.

This figure is an estimate and can vary based on Twitch's dynamic system of revenue generation. It also does not account for other income sources like brand endorsements or collaborations.

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Lirik's Twitch Revenue

Lirik, popularly known for his entertaining gaming streams on the platform, earns an estimated $1.26 million per month. The majority of his revenue comes from Twitch subscriptions, making up about 75% of his income.

Next comes ad revenue, contributing to around 10% of his earnings. Donations are the least of his income sources, at just 2%.

As with all streamers, other potential sources of income such as endorsers, collaborations, and merchandise sales are not included in these projections.

Earnings of Ludwig

Ludwig, known for his speed-running, Super Smash Bros. gaming, and humorous commentary, is said to earn an average of $1.32 million per month from his Twitch account.

His income is primarily from subscriptions. Donations and ad revenue contribute to a smaller share of his income.

Ludwig's estimates, like the others, are only precise to a point as they do not consider revenue from other resources.

RanbooLive's Profit

Minecraft streamer, RanbooLive is another top earner on Twitch, earning an estimated $1.45 million per month. His earnings graph is fascinating because the lion's share comes from donations, unlike the others.

Subscriptions are the second significant source, followed by ad revenue.

Again, this estimate may not be accurate, as it does not account for various other potential revenue sources.

Other High Earnings Streamers

Other streamers included in the list are tommyinnit, earning $822,000 per month, Smallant receiving $700,000 monthly, and Philza with a $670,000 income per month.

These figures largely rely on available public data and can be wildly different depending on other private income sources and fluctuations with the Twitch platform.

Nevertheless, these figures give us an idea of the massive earning potential through Twitch streaming, at least for those successful in the field.

Robust Revenue Sources

Looking at the diverse income sources, it seems that subscribers are one of the dynamic revenue-generating agents for Twitch streamers. The creator gets a portion of the subscription fee, which can vary based on the type of subscription.

Advertisements, coming in various forms and shapes, bear a considerable chunk of the streamer's income. Depending on the number of viewers, ad revenue can scale up exponentially.

Donations appear as a less predictable income source but still create a significant share for some streamers. Fans express their support by 'tipping' streamers via donation.


It is unquestionable that Twitch platform provides a lucrative opportunity for streamers to generate revenue by streaming content that they are passionate about. The exact earning of various top Twitch streamers, though, cannot be precisely determined due to several variants involved in the process and multiple income sources.

However, the estimates indicate that streaming has become a viable and lucrative career for many individuals, with top streamers earning in millions each month.

With the growing popularity of gaming and streaming, these numbers are expected to rise in the future, encouraging more gamers to consider streaming as a long-term career.