Epic Games Pressed to Boost Fortnite Loot Drops

Gamers of Fortnite's zero build mode voice their disappointment with the current quality of loot drops, putting pressure on Epic Games to make improvements.

Recently, gamers engaged in Fortnite’s zero build mode have called on Epic Games, the creators of the popular battle royale video game, to ramp up the loot from supply drops and loot llamas. According to players, the current drops are underwhelming and do not meet their standards.

Fortnite has always strived to balance the game experience between its regular mode and the zero build mode. Despite providing equal opportunities through additions like ziplines and other movement items, players believe a vital gap concerning the quality of the loot drops still needs to be addressed. A significant concern is that the underwhelming loot drops directly impact their gaming experience.

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Supply drops and loot llamas have been a staple feature in Fortnite ever since its conception. They provide players with a competitive edge over others by giving access to rare loot, which translates into better in-game performance. Unfortunately, the absence of materials in zero build mode drastically reduces the worth of these drops.

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To address this issue, players have suggested extra items that Fortnite could incorporate into the supply drops and loot llamas. The overall aim of these changes is to increase the value of the loots for gamers playing in zero build mode.

Seasoned players offer solutions to increase the value of the loots, among them, introducing items like the Chug Cannon or Chili Splashes. These additions would provide extra meds and movement to players. This need was accentuated when during Chapter 5 Season 1, Epic Games made changes that prevented rare ammo boxes from dropping meds.

A player quoted, 'I remember the good times when coming across a llama was akin to winning a lottery, but now the joy has faded. It's like finding out your favorite cookie has no chocolate chips.' The decreasing worth of the loot drops has been a significant letdown for the gaming community.

Apparently, the lamenting doesn't stop at llamas. Chapter 5 Season 2 has shown that supply drops are also disappointing gamers with less than satisfactory loot. According to the gaming community's feedback, the value of the loot within the supply drops has been disappointing.

Players have shared their grievances, expressing that even the loot from supply drops needs to be boosted. Some shared their experiences of how they mostly found one epic weapon and a healing item when they played the game in duos or trios. In their experience, the supply drops usually contain sufficient items for one player but not enough for multiple players.

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Fortnite Chapter 5 showed significant improvements in loot drops from chests and ammo crates. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about supply drops and loot llamas. The game's committed community, especially those playing in zero build mode, are fervently campaigning for further updates.

The devaluation of supply drops and loot llamas has essentially been a significant concern for the players of Fortnite's zero build mode. Some players reminisce about the good old days when finding a llama was considered a boon of sorts. Now, regrettably, the idea of finding a llama doesn't garner the same excitement.

Players have suggested that both loot llamas and supply drops need a significant buff in zero builds. They argue that the current loot drops are barely worth the effort of pursuit. This has created a bit of disenchantment within the player community in relation to the game's reward system.

It is no news that in team-based plays like duos or trios, what seems like insignificant changes can significantly influence game dynamics. Concerns voiced by players about the lackluster contents of supply drops in these game modes corroborate this theory.

Yet, there is still hope that these issues can be addressed soon. The Fortnite community, especially zero build players, is eager to see the improvements that Epic Games can make to the loot dropping system. As avid gamers, all they seek is a more fulfilling and fair gaming experience.

The hope is that these proposed changes and the community's collective voice would prompt Epic Games to reassess the current loot drops framework. It will certainly be interesting to see the direction they take to address these burning issues, especially with regards zero build mode.

Fortnite continues to be a popular choice for gamers around the world. Despite the current concerns, the players' passion for the game is clear and defining. It only speaks to their love for Fortnite and their desire to see it be the best experience it can be for every player.