Shoot the window area to stun the user, they say.

A comprehensive guide on how to utilize the window trick to gain the upper hand in Fortnite. Learn how it can stun opponents and become a game-changer in this popular Battle Royale game.

As many may know, Fortnite Battle Royale is a strategy heavy, fast-paced multiplayer game that is continually evolving. With success heavily dependent on quick thinking and strategic moves, 'Window Trick' has emerged as a compelling new strategy.

The window trick aims at stunning the opponent rather than approaching them head-on. This is a more subtle strategy that brings forth an entirely different aspect of the game – tactical manipulations using the existing gameplay elements.

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Before jumping into how the window trick works, let's acknowledge the importance of windows in Fortnite. These often overlooked game elements can serve multiple strategic purposes, far beyond providing a picturesque view of the virtual landscape.

Shoot the window area to stun the user, they say. ImageAlt

Keeping this in mind, one can approach this tactic with a bit of creativity and innovation. A player can manipulate the window settings to daze their enemies and gain an upper hand in combat, in what we call the 'window trick.'

The Window Trick In Action

Players often get fixated on the idea of eliminating the enemies with firearms. However, combat situations can be turned around with quick thinking and smart utilization of real estate (in-game buildings and structures).

This is where the window trick comes into play. The trick revolves around the shooting mechanism of Fortnite, particularly through a window. Shooting through a window doesn’t merely mean getting a shot through the windowpane. It virtually manipulates the game and stuns your opponents momentarily.

To execute this trick correctly, follow these simple steps: first, break the windowpane; second, aim your shot; and finally, pull the trigger. As straightforward as this may sound, the skill lies in the accuracy and timing of the shot.

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The thing about the window trick is that it not only allows the player to take a shot but also leave the opponent stunned. The trick is not in the shooting but the mental play that you can create in your opponent’s mind.

The Hypnotic Effect of the Window Trick

The window trick gives the illusion that action is happening in a different place than where it is actually occurring. It takes advantage of the natural human predisposition to focus on action and movement.

This trick can stun an enemy, keeping them off guard for those few crucial seconds. Within the game, these seconds could be a matter of digital life and death. The momentary disruption caused by the window trick can lead to a sudden upper hand.

The more a player practices this trick, the more brilliant and baffling it becomes. It takes perfect timing and practice to master the art of causing a perfectly timed distraction.

Although it might take a few tries initially, the stun effect will be all worth it once mastered. The window trick is genuinely a testament to how much depth Fortnite has in its gameplay mechanics.

Perfecting Your Strategy

Being good at Fortnite doesn’t merely mean having excellent aim or being able to build fast. Success in Fortnite requires a deeper understanding of the game mechanics and how one can use these to their advantage.

To maximize the effectiveness of the window trick, practice and persistence are critical. Players must familiarize themselves with the timing, location, and potential adversities that could arise.

The Window trick is a unique weapon in your arsenal. Once you've grasped the basics, it's essential to adapt the strategy based on the situation and your opponent's skill levels.

Remember that every player is different, and what works on one may not work on another. Flexibility and adaptability are key to conquering the battle royale.


Fortnite is more than just a shooting match. It is a playground for strategic minds who can think quickly on their virtual feet. Match victories are often owed as much to clever defensive tactics as to offensive maneuvers.

Every element of the game harbors potential for exploitation. The window trick is one such example; a trick so simple yet profound, it can turn a match around in an instant.

So next time you're in a tight spot, remember to use your surroundings to your advantage. Shoot that window, create that diversion, and stun your opponent. The element of surprise might just make the difference between victory and defeat.

Experience the dynamics of Fortnite Battle Royale like never before; tap into the hypnotic effect of the window trick and stun your opponents into submission.