Khanada's Controversial Statements Mar FNCS 2023

Fortnite professional player Khanada sparks outrage after sharing his negative feelings about European fans and competitors in the FNCS Global Championship 2023.

Professional esport player, Khanada, has recently come under fire due to controversial comments made during his recent livestream following the FNCS Global Championship 2023. This uproar among the Fortnite community has helped turn a spotlight onto the comparatively new professional Fortnite scene.

In the exponentially growing e-sport world, Khanada has emerged as a potent individual, particularly within the Fortnite community, known for his talent, dedication, and humor. Such strong qualities have quickly catapulted him as one of the top-tier competitors within the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

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There is no denying the spectacle Khanada puts on during intensive FNCS tournaments. Proving his mettle, Khanada has time and time again managed to secure high ranking positions, which have even resulted in wins for him in several seasons.


Khanada's performances has helped him cultivate a large audience on Twitch, where he shares snippets of his gaming sessions and engages with followers. One of his most recent notable appearances was the FNCS Global Championship 2023. Despite only managing an 18th place finish, he and his duo, Ajerss, were able to garner a respectable $30,000.

However, the recent controversy involves a bitter rant from Khanada following this year's FNCS event. In his livestream, Khanada went as far as to voice out his hate for European (EU) fans, asserting that the North American (NA) region has superior quality players. His statements triggered outrage from EU esports professionals and fans alike.

According to reports, Khanada, who plays for the North American esports team, Dignitas, openly shared his dislike for fans of EU pro players during his livestream. This occurred shortly after NA players Cooper and Mero clinched the FNCS 2023 trophy, putting EU competitors at a disadvantage.

Emotions ran high as the NA star began his tirade against European enthusiasts, expressing his frustration with the words, “I hate you kids bro. You kids really make my blood boil…” His resentment didn't end at the fans either. He continued by arguing that Cooper and Mero had outplayed the EU, winning by a considerable 60 points, asserting that they were in some way superior to their European counterparts.

Fueling the fire, he also confronted EU pros, ThomasHD & Malibuca, seemingly disgruntled with the excessive criticism against NA players. Venting his frustrations, he commented, “And your best team there, Thomas and Malibuca, I 5-1’ed on them. Stop f*****g disrespecting NA. Do not say any stupid s**t about NA again bro.”

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Subsequently, Khanada also went on to reveal the not-so-impressive game statistics from Thomas and Malibuca for the FNCS Global Championship 2023 Finals. This escalation led to an outpour of responses from other players. While some dismissed his claims, others defended the performance of EU players in the championship.

As things stand, following Khanada's tirade, there is now a bitter divide in the Fortnite community. With wounds left to be healed, it remains to be seen how this will affect future competitions. Nonetheless, controversies like these only highlight the vast expanse of esports and the thriving competitive spirit within it.

For those interested in catching up with how everything unfolded in the FNCS Global Championship 2023, more detailed coverage on the event can be found elsewhere on the internet.