The Unexpected Turn in a Baldur’s Gate 3 Game

A recount of an unexpected event during a blind honor run in the videogame Baldur’s Gate 3.

For those passionate about role-playing videogame 'Baldur’s Gate 3', the term 'blind honor run' might sound familiar. This mode of playing involves navigating exclusively in complete darkness, relying on the game’s sound cues and it’s established honor system.

When embarking on a blind honor run, players ideally should stick to the numerous established rules of the game. Deviating from these rules can result in unexpected surprises, adding a unique sense of excitement to the gameplay.

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During one particular blind honor run, four friends decided to play together. Unaware of the surprises that awaited them, they braced themselves to face the challenges that lurked in the dark virtual world.

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The first few battles ran smoothly, with the friends efficiently overcoming hurdles together. But as they carried on, they found themselves faced with an unknown enemy, invisible to them due to the darkness of their gameplay mode.

The Unexpected Encounter

Upon their surprise encounter with an unseen antagonist, the friends had to quickly improvise a plan. Being in a blind honor run, they didn’t have the advantage of visual cues and had to rely purely on their other senses and game awareness.

In a split-second decision, a member of the team decided to fire off a random spells towards the mystery enemy. His spell of choice was 'Moonbeam', a powerful AOE spell capable of causing considerable damage to foes.

Given the circumstances, it was a seemingly reasonable choice. But what the friends didn’t know was that an unforeseen turn of events was about to transpire.

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The 'Moonbeam' spell, while powerful, comes with one major drawback: it can have unforeseen effects when cast in utter darkness like in a blind honor run.

What Comes of the Moonbeam

As it turned out, the Moonbeam spell not only hit the initial mystery enemy, but also extended its damage to surrounding targets. This incorporated both friends and foes within its range, unintentionally leading to chaos.

Inflicting friendly-fire through an AOE spell in normal gameplay is already unfortunate, but it becomes exponentially more disastrous in the context of a blind honor run. In this form of gameplay, every teammate’s life counts significantly.

As the Moonbeam settled, it soon became clear that the player’s hasty decision caused more harm than good, making for an undeniably unforgettable experience. Their endeavor to defeat the mystery enemy had inadvertently led to losing some of their own.

But in all the chaos, there was one thing that alleviated the otherwise disheartening situation: the unexpected turn of events led to bouts of laughter, bringing a shared feeling of amusement.

A Hilarious Ending

In a pitch dark mode like blind honor run, it's ironically the missteps that can sometimes deliver the greatest joy. The seemingly disastrous Moonbeam incident turned into a funny, thought-provoking experience, demonstrating the game’s unpredictable nature.

The friends found joy in the unexpected, cherishing the hilarity of their own overthrow. The blind honor run which began as a daunting journey ended with a major twist, reminding them of the unpredictability of the game.

The lightheartedness after the incident sparked conversations and shared jokes among them. Even in defeat, they found the essence of the game - joy, amusement, and camaraderie.

This unintentionally humorous ending to their blind honor run brought them closer, fostering bonds over shared laughter and lessons learned.