Baldur's Gate 3: Uncovering the Humor in Voice Acting Direction

An exploration of the humor involved in the game development process for Baldur’s Gate 3, highlighted by a note from the developers to one of the game’s voice actors, Neil Newbon.

A particular aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3 has recently caught the attention of gamers. It involves a bit of amusing lore surrounding the video game’s esteemed voice actor, Neil Newbon, who lends his vocal chops to the character of Astarion. This instance provides an amusing glimpse into one of Astarion's final romantic moments in the game.

The character Astarion has rapidly garnered a dedicated following amongst the game's player base, owing much to the character’s compelling narrative arc and potential for romantic involvement.

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The heightened affections of the game community for this charming elven vampire are not solely down to the game’s impressive writing and narrative. Neil Newbon's masterful performance has significantly contributed to the character’s popularity. His skillful voice portrayal has captured both intense and funny moments, earning him accolades, particularly for his exaggerated line deliveries.


A recent dig by a gamer through the game’s script has unearthed something quite hilarious. A directive from the game’s developers to Newbon was found, providing some context for one of Astarion’s final romantic scenes in the most humorous of ways.

Beware of spoilers if you’re looking forward to experiencing Astarion's romance storyline firsthand in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Delving Deeper into the Actor's Directions

The discovery was made by a member of the gaming community who spotted the addition of a developer's note in the game’s script, intended for Newbon. Particularly amusing is the part of the note specifically pointing out Astarion’s emotional state in his final romance scene.

In conveying the characters' situation to help Newbon with his portrayal, the game developers couldn't resist adding that Astarion is 'Slightly horny.' They then quickly reiterate with emphasis, 'ONLY SLIGHTLY, NEIL.'

The comedy of the note is amplified by the sudden transition to all caps and inclusion of the comma before addressing Newbon, making it palpably clear that the developers were not messing around.

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Anyone who has engaged in a romantic quest with Astarion in the game can attest to the fact that there are numerous instances where Astarion is more than just 'slightly horny'. Understandably, for a scene where Astarion is portrayed confessing his love for the player after a complex narrative arc filled with fluctuating motivations they would underline (in fun or sincerity) the need for keeping the mood less overtly sensual.

Humor in the Bones of Larian Studios

Besides being an amusing anecdote for players, this humorous instance provides a peek into the company atmosphere of Larian Studios. They seem to keep their frivolity not just for community-based content in patch notes but also intersperse it in their internal communications with their developers and voice artists.

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