Top-ranking Pokemon YouTubers in 2015

In 2015, several YouTube Channels fully dedicated to Pokemon rose to prominence. The article provides a comprehensive list of the most subscribed Pokemon-centric channels up to that year.

The Pokemon Fandom on YouTube

Pokemon has swayed the hearts of millions across the world since its inception decades ago. It wasn't long before the trend knocked on YouTube's doors, leading to an eruption of Pokemon-related content. As far back as 2015, there were several channels solely dedicated to this pursuit, elucidating various aspects of the Pokemon universe to eager fans.

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From gameplay walk-throughs, trade secrets, tips, tricks, to theories and character breakdowns, these YouTube channels provided all-encompassing coverage. Their popularity grew immensely, amassing a significant number of subscriptions.

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The following list focuses on ten of these top-ranking YouTube channels, each teeming with engaging Pokemon content.

In no particular order, these were the most subscribed Pokemon-centric channels up to 2015.


shofu's channel stood tall among Pokemon YouTubers, boasting an impressive number of subscribers. The YouTuber was well-liked for his articulate video commentaries that delved deep into various Pokemon games.

shofu was equally renowned for hosting multiplayer battles on his channel. His knack for presenting fun and exciting content helped in accumulating a large viewer base.

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He was known for his gameplay strategies, highlighted in his playthroughs, which proved beneficial for his subscribers. shofu's passion for Pokemon and dedication to his channel played a notable part in the channel's success.

His channel served as a go-to hub for the Pokemon community, topping the charts even in 2015.


TheJWittz was another popular YouTuber whose niche lied in unearthing the facts and lore surrounding the Pokemon universe. He was essentially a fact-finder, quenching the thirst of trivia-lovers.

His videos shed light on Pokemon mysteries that intrigued both the old and the new fans of the franchsie. TheJWittz meticulously dived into minute details, curating his videos around fascinating subjects.

Additionally, he harnessed the power of humor to keep his content lively and engaging. This approach worked wonders, translating into a huge fan base that spanned continents.

His role as a Pokemon enthusiast was instrumental in the rise of his channel, making him one of the most followed Pokemon YouTubers in 2015.

Pokemon YouTube Channels: Trainers and Collectors

Apart from gamers, the Pokemon YouTube spectrum was not short of trainers and collectors who hosted their own channels. Collectors such as PrimetimePokemon and SuperDuperDani had dedicated channels for showcasing their extensive collections.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was a significant part of their content, wherein they would reveal remarkable rare Pokemon cards. They offered insights about the different Pokemon elements and battled each other online, creating riveting content for viewers.

The information shared on these channels served as an invaluable resource for budding collectors looking to expand their Pokemon card collections. The entertainment and enlightenment provided by these YouTubers played a role in their channels' popularity.

Therefore, they rightfully earned a place in the top-ranking Pokemon YouTubers in 2015.

The Rise of Pokemon YouTube Channels

The year 2015 was when many Pokemon YouTubers saw a spike in their viewership and subscriptions. Fueled by the passionate fandom of Pokemon, these channels grew in leaps and bounds.

Channels such as TamashiiHiroka and PokeaimMD catered to different niche audiences. Some channels focused mainly on walkthroughs and reviews, while others aimed at providing competitive battling advice.

Regardless of the diversity in content, a common thread among all these channels was their dedication to the Pokemon universe and their efforts to provide high-quality content to their subscribers.


The list of the most subscribed Pokemon YouTubers in 2015 paints a vibrant picture of the diversity in Pokemon-related content available on YouTube. These YouTubers acted as torchbearers for the Pokemon community, influencing many others to start their own channels.

While some channels probed the unseen corners of the Pokemon universe, others ventured intovideo games, trading card games, and competitive battles, providing content for a variety of Pokemon fans.

As of now, the above-mentioned YouTubers have further grown their channels, reaching more Pokemon enthusiasts worldwide. Their contribution to the Pokemon universe remains etched in history.

Looking ahead, the Pokemon fad shows no signs of fading. In fact, with each passing year, the fanbase continues to expand, promising a brighter future for the Pokemon universe on YouTube.