Quick Strategies for Pokemon Go Battles

A guide to effective strategies for Pokemon Go players who want to fast-track through the battle mode and reap the rewards.

With its combination of real-world exploration, augmented reality technology and beloved characters from the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Go has captivated the world. The Battle League system in Pokemon Go is one area that attracts a lot of attention, as players with impressive performance can bag great in-game items. But some players find the combat mechanics in this mobile game less engaging compared to its mainline counterparts.

The Pokemon Go Battle League differs significantly from the traditional games. The detailed tactics and mechanics familiar to long-time Pokemon fans have been simplified for this mobile-based game. In each match, you pit just three Pokemon against each other, each one executing only two moves. It's the game's focus on constant screen-tapping which some players find off-putting, needing to rush through these battles while aiming for the rewards.

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Nevertheless, if you wish to breeze through the battles swiftly, you can do so by implementing a few strategies. One of these is preparing your team well in advance to maximize your chances of victory. Preparation includes selecting the right Pokemon and understanding their abilities and limitations, which can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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Another tactic is focusing mainly on defeating your opponents quickly rather than strategizing each move. This strategy is perfect for players who want to swiftly complete battles, as it allows you to conserve your resources and still achieve victory. Remember, every victory takes you one step closer to those coveted in-game items.

An exchange among players revealed some useful strategies to quickly win Pokemon Go battles. Some players recommended amassing 100 CP Pokemon and starting battles occasionally, even while doing something else. According to them, there's a good chance that the opponent will quit, giving you a win without much effort. This technique isn't foolproof, but it's certainly a quick way to boost your win count.

On the other hand, some players suggest sticking to the game's fundamentals—counting moves. Be vigilant and observe your opponent's actions and plan your moves accordingly. Be mindful not to repeatedly press your charge attack button during a Pokemon battle. Your opponent, who might be keeping track of your moves, can switch Pokemon just before your attack, weakening your offensive impact.

It's also important to note that winning can sometimes depend on timing. The time within a season when you're playing can impact the difficulty of your matches. During early-season games, skilled players with meta teams are often still in the middle ranks, making them a common occurrence. Engaging in battles at a later time could make encounters with top-tier trainers less frequent, therefore increasing your chances of victory.

Your lineup of Pokemon matters greatly in these battles. It's a good strategy to start with a Pokemon that has a powerful and fast-charging attack. This could lead the opposition to use their shields early on. Meanwhile, your 2nd and 3rd Pokemon should possess either two charged attacks or one powerful one. This tactic apparently proves effective for most battles.

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Another approach some players adopt is using 100cp Pokemon in battles without trying too hard to win. Surprisingly, many victories have been achieved this way or when faced with another low-cp team. The main reason behind this is the potential of making other players quit mid-battle or overcoming a similarly non-intensive player.

It's entirely possible to enjoy Pokemon Go without engaging with the battle system, even though engaging means giving up on some rewards. But for those who want the goodies without the effort, these quick and easy strategies from seasoned players can be a godsend. You could potentially win battles without twisting yourself into knots over each move you make. Ultimately, it's about having fun while making the most of your Pokemon Go experience.