Pokemon Characters Deserving a Buff

An engaging discussion about underpowered Pokemon characters that fans believe deserve better attributes in terms of design, functionality and overall strength.

The Pokemon Franchise: A Brief Overview

Pokemon is a pervasive pop culture phenomenon. From television shows to movies, video games, trading card games, and more, it has become an integral part of many people's childhood memories. Pokemon is a game about battling and capturing mystical creatures, called Pokemon, to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Each Pokemon possesses unique characteristics, skills, and attributes that make them distinct in the game.

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While the franchises' creators continually develop new Pokemon with each game, not all these characters are created with equal abilities, which often leads to certain characters being overshadowed by others. This disparity can detract from the overall gameplay experience, leading players to yearn for a balance in the abilities of different Pokemon.

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However, this article does not aim to criticize the creators' decisions but rather to shed light on some Pokemon that, according to the community, could use a boost in their power levels or overall utility. It also creates a platform for the Pokemon community to express their opinions and suggestions on this topic.

Underrated Pokemon Deserving a Boost: Seviper

Seviper, a generation III Pokemon, is a pure Poison-type. Its design elements are spot-on, and the concept of it having a never-ending feud with Zangoose is quite original. However, it falls short when compared with other Poison-type Pokemon in terms of strength and abilities. An increase in its stats would undoubtedly make it more competitive in battles.

Underused Pokemon: Dunsparce

Dunsparce is a unique Pokemon, intriguing due to its design and single Normal typing. However, its statistic lacks in attack, defense, and speed. Many gamers feel that such an interesting Pokemon should possess better abilities. An evolution or increase in base stats would improve Dunsparce's standing within the game.

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Creature With Potential: Flygon

Flygon is another Pokemon that attracts attention due to its unique Dragon/Ground typing. However, as a dragon-type, it feels underwhelming compared to other dragon-type Pokemon. Therefore, many fans think it deserves a more powerful move set and better base stats.

Underrated Warrior: Absol

Absol, with its fabled association to disasters, is quite interesting. Its Dark typing and unique design make it a favorite among many players. However, its abilities don't quite live up to its menacing nature, mainly because it plays more like a glass cannon with low defensive stats. This disconnect has led to calls from the community for improved stats to reflect the power its character holds.

The Elegant Swanna

Swanna is a Pokemon that makes an impression with its elegant, swan-like design. This Water/Flying-type Pokemon is aesthetically pleasing, but its in-game performance is below average. An upgrade in its abilities could make it an attractive option for players looking for a balance between aesthetics and power.

A Hidden Gem: Quagsire

Not the most impressive Pokemon at first glance, but Quagsire has a fan following due to its relaxed facade. However, its Water/Ground typing lends it a unique potential that unfortunately is not reflected in its base stats. It seems that much could be done to revamp Quagsire and reveal the truly powerful Pokemon lying beneath the surface.

Serperior: The Possible Contender

Serperior, a Grass-type Pokemon, has a majestic design fitting its serpentine nature. However, with a single-typing, it pales in comparison to the other starter Pokemon of its generation. Gaining a new ability or secondary typing could potentially raise Serperior's standing within the game.

Fight For The Furry: Lopunny

Lopunny, a Normal-type Pokemon from generation IV, has always been favored for its appealing design. However, its base stats are disappointingly low making it less effective than other Pokemon in combat situations. An increase in its abilities would make it a formidable opponent.

Delicate but Deadly: Butterfree

Butterfree, despite its early fan-base, is less powerful compared to other Bug-type Pokemon. Players have always shown their affection for this delicate butterfly Pokemon and believe its abilities should correspond to the love it receives from the community.

Mighty Potential: Rampardos

The Rock-type Pokemon, Rampardos, reflecting a dinosaur-like design, exhibits astounding attack power. However, its low defense and speed limit its effectiveness in battles. A revamp in its abilities might enable Rampardos to become the powerhouse many believe it can be.

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In light of all these opinions, it's quite clear that the Pokemon community not only enjoys the game for its competitive aspect but also for the appeal of individual characters. Players are attached to their favorite Pokemon because they resonate with their designs, backstory, and characteristics. These sentiments then reflect on their desire for these respective Pokemon to be as competent as others in battles.


Agreeing on which Pokemon deserve a buff is a subjective matter, as opinions differ from player to player based on their personal preferences and experiences. These discussions add another layer of complexity to the Pokemon franchise, showing that players appreciate not only the battles and competitions but also the individuality of each Pokemon character.

While it's unlikely that every Pokemon will be tweaked to the community's preference, considering their sentiments in future developments could contribute significantly to the game's advancement and players' satisfaction.

Ultimately, the crux of the matter lies not in the strength of any given Pokemon, but rather in the joy experienced when playing the game. Pokemon is about exploring a world filled with magical creatures and forming bonds, and the Pokemon community will continue to thrive because of this sense of wonder and connection.