Magikarp's Mighty Blow: Defeating Blaziken in One Hit

A clever strategy deployed in a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet match sees Blaziken, the formidable 7-Star Tera Raid contender, defeated in a single hit by a Magikarp.

In the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, innovative techniques continue to shake the traditional boundaries of gameplay. One of these is an inventive strategy developed by a canny player to defeat the potent 7-Star Tera Raid contender, Blaziken, the Generation 3 Fire/Fighting type Pokemon. And interestingly, they achieved this remarkable feat in a single hit with the use of Magikarp, the weakest Pokemon from Generation 1.

The rich and dynamically challenging environment of 7-Star Tera Raids typically requires a significant degree of strategy and careful planning. Despite this daunting challenge, the quick-thinking players found themselves up to the task. By fusing intuition with an intricate understanding of game mechanics, they formulated an approach that saw a Magikarp unexpectedly dispatching Blaziken in one swift strike.

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Building upon classic battle dynamics, this innovative player escalated the stakes. Instead of deploying a well-established counter, they boldly unleashed a Magikarp, an evolutionarily disadvantaged Pokemon, to strike a definitive blow against Blaziken in a single turn.


This audacious move was only made possible through a meticulous sequence of strategic maneuvers that marshaled the strengths of other Pokemon to enhance the combat attributes of an inherently weak Pokemon. The ensuing results serve as a testament to the depth and richness of the game’s combat dynamics.

A Masterplan with a Magikarp

The mastermind behind this ingenious strategy was the trainer known as Nommable123, who integrated a sound battle strategy with a game plan that marvelously reflected the strengths of their team formation. Their strategy involved an Alcremie, a Reuniclus, a Gliscor, and a Magikarp.

The battle-playing field was preparation intensive with Nommable123 marshaling an excellent offensive and defensive blend. To that end, he lined up his team formation that saw Alcremie holding Brightpowder, Reuniclus clutching a Lansat Berry, Gliscor equipped with a Zoom Lens, and Magikarp offered the key tool - a Choice Band.

To initiate their strategy, Alcremie and Reuniclus casted Charm on Blaziken, which negatively affected its offensive potential by lowering its Attack. To increase the combat suitability of Magikarp, it was made to launch a Defense Cheer followed by an Attack Cheer.

As the strategic maneuvers gained momentum on the battlefield, Gliscor unleashed Screech thrice on Blaziken. This significantly waned Blaziken's defensive capabilities, thus making it susceptible to attacks. Simultaneously, Alcremie adorned Magikarp with three Decorates. This action heightened Magikarp’s Attack by six stages.

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Bringing Blaziken Down

The unmistakable blend of tactical parades continued with Reuniclus playing a crucial role. It adeptly used its Lansat Berry against Magikarp, subsequently enhancing the latter's Critical Hit ratio. With Magikarp's combat capabilities significantly amplified, the stage seemed set for the concluding part of this intricate combat strategy.

Not yet done with its strategic disposition, Reuniclus ensured it held control over the transition of battle sequences. To that end, it used Helping Hand to synergize with its teammates. It then set up a Trick Room to manipulate the fight's Speed.

At this point, the stage was set for a conclusion that arguably fits the billing of the most dramatic upset in the history of Pokemon gaming. The seemingly feeble Magikarp took an unexpected aim with Flail and surprisingly brought down 7-Star Blaziken in one, single swoop. The well-thought-out sequence leading to this victory calls to mind the sheer diversity and depth underpinning Pokemon's combat dynamics.

Moreover, it was a victory for creative thinking over raw power. This strategy illuminates the essential quality of strategy games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, where the effectiveness of battle plans aren't always determined by the strongest characters but are often dictated by creative strategies that underscore teamwork and tactical brilliance.