Magikarp Card Surprisingly Among 2023 Top Expensive Pokemon Cards

A full-art Magikarp card unexpectedly becomes one of the most expensive Pokemon cards in 2023, outperforming popular favorites.

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) enthusiasts have been taken aback by the surprising inclusion of a full-art Magikarp card on the 2023 list of most expensive Pokemon cards. This unlikely candidate has made it into the top 10, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with expected heavyweights like Pikachu with Felt Hat and Iono.

TCGPlayer, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing marketplaces, has a habit of generating much anticipation with their annual Pokemon TCG lists. This year's list was especially shocking, featuring the original Charizard card following its reissue under the Pokemon TCG Classic Collection. However, what drew the most attention was the inclusion of an unexpected contender - a Magikarp card.

Detective Pikachu game? Awful, period.
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A devoted Pokemon fan remarked, “Obsidian Flames Zard being outperformed by Paldea Evolved Magikarp is utterly embarrassing.” This statement indeed reflects the sentiment of many fans who did not expect to see Magikarp on this esteemed list.

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Magikarp: From Zero to Hero

Magikarp, a Water-type Pokemon known for its signature 0 damage output move, Splash, surprisingly boasts a $50 price tag. This price brings back nostalgic memories from the Pokemon anime, whereby a devious salesman would repeatedly trick the naive character James into overpaying for a Magikarp.

However, the poor, often ridiculed fish Pokemon has made a fantastic return from the brink of irrelevance, thanks to its feature in the Paldea Evolved expansion to Scarlet & Violet. The pre-evolutionary form of Gyarados, Magikarp now possesses intricate details, and as a full-art card, it becomes an extremely rare find.

It’s no wonder then, that the card, since its launch in June 2023, has consistently held a price tag around the $50 mark, never slipping below $44.

Where Does Magikarp Stand Among Other Expensive Pokemon Cards?

Lost Items in Pokémon’s Early Development
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Certain other expensive cards of 2023 were absent from TCGPlayer's list, such as staff and attendee cards from the World Championship, including a Beach Resort card priced at $1200. However, these prized possessions didn’t make the top 10 cut. Similarly, such cards are seldom put up for sale because of their value and rarity.

The Secret Magikarp card, on the other hand, is not exactly a hot commodity in Pokemon battles and is deemed useful only for the most adept trainers. Nevertheless, it’s expected to continue to appreciate in value once the excitement surrounding new cards and reprints fades.

The crown for the most expensive card of 2023 went to the famous Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat, which emerged from a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. This card will undoubtedly go down in history, not merely for its price, but also for the pandemonium that accompanied its release.

When viewed in this context, the $50 price tag on the Magikarp card seems like a steal. After all, if we go by the in-game currency of Pokemon, the Magikarp is worth 500 PokeDollars according to the entrepreneur in the Generation 1 Pokemon games.