An Unfortunate Pokemon Go Tale

A Pokemon Go player lets their younger sibling play the game on their account, only to discover too late that their prized Master Ball has been used on a common creature. A tale of brotherly trust and a Pokemon Go player leads today's story.

In a game like Pokemon Go, here's a rule of thumb - never trust anyone with your Master Ball, not even your dear little brother. This narrative begins with one such player who had to learn this the hard way, leaving him in sheer disappointment and disbelief.

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A Master Ball in Pokemon Go is often considered a prized possession by any player. The difficulty in obtaining it speaks volumes about its value. Moreover, its power and rarity make it even more coveted amongst the Pokemon Go community.

An Unfortunate Pokemon Go Tale ImageAltIronically, this rarity often backfires, especially when the Pokemon flee from encounters. This fact just amplifies the Master Ball’s significance. It is not just another collectible in your inventory; it’s a key to a guaranteed catch, regardless of how evasive or radical the Pokemon might be.

Now, the disappointment multiplies significantly when you think about the hard work it takes to obtain a Master Ball. Imagine losing it to a careless move, as did our unfortunate player. He had left his phone with his five-year-old brother, who unknowingly wasted it.

Expecting not much to change, he left his phone with his brother. However, he was stunned to find an animation showing that his Master Ball had been used, and that too on a measly Mareep. The Mareep in question was not just an ordinary kind, but one with poor stats, making it barely worth the chase.

Mareep are a common set of Pokemon, and this particular one was part of the Community Day in the same month. The irony of losing a Master Ball over a common Pokemon was not lost on the player.


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Recognizing the player’s devastation, plenty of Reddit users flocked to support this player. They shared a good chuckle or two while paying their respects for the lost Master Ball. Some optimistic users chose to look at the situation’s bright side.

One Reddit user pointed out that the situation did save the player from deciding who to use the Master Ball on. The younger brother had unknowingly made the decision on his behalf. The player agreed, saying he probably would have done the same.

Another user provided a wholesome perspective on the scenario. They suggested turning this unfortunate incident into a fond memory between himself and his younger brother.


In response to the outpouring support, the player communicated that he was doing okay despite his initial frustration. He said he was going to make sure that the Pokemon his younger brother captured would be treasured forever. The Pokemon Go player seemed optimistic about improving Mareep’s combat performance.

He is not the first to experience misfortune in using a Master Ball. There have been instances where players tried to capture what they believed to be a legendary Pokemon, but what turned out to be an imposter.

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