Yuumi Players Confused After Recent AFK System Update in League of Legends

League of Legends' recent update to the AFK system results in Yuumi players losing LP for just playing their character.<a href=https://kapapps.com/league-of-legends alt='League of Legends'> League of Legends</a> Update Controversy

Latest "League of Legends" Update Causes Controversy

"League of Legends'" latest update has caused a stir among its player base, but not for the reasons one might think. This issue isn't related to the recent buff Riot gave to Tryndamere, or even the introduction of the $200 Erasure Jhin Mythic Skin. The source of the controversy rather lies in an update to the game’s AFK detection system.

New AFK Detection System

The AFK detection system in "League of Legends" is designed to help players remake or penalise any player who leaves during the match. The new update, however, appears to have negatively affected a specific subset of players, leading to a wave of complaints and concerns.

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Report from Popular "League of Legends" YouTuber

One of the most notable instances of this was documented by popular "League of Legends" YouTuber and bug finder, Vandiril. He showcased the issue with the new AFK system, illustrating that although the system seems to work perfectly for most players, detecting correctly if players are going AFK at the start or throughout the match, there seems to be a significant exception.

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Riot's Oversight

Riot seems to have overlooked one particular cat support when implementing the changes. This character, often regarded as the AFK support, has inadvertently been penalised by the update. Yuumi players, the recipient of this unintentional penalty, have found that for some reason, being on a champion isn’t considered playing the game, even though that’s exactly how Yuumi is played most of the time.

Implications for Yuumi Players

Now, if Yuumi players latch onto their allied champion at the start of the match, the game views them as AFK and starts a countdown of a minute and thirty seconds. Once the timer ends, the Yuumi player is detected as AFK, and their team is given the option to remake. If the remake is initiated, the Yuumi player is deemed AFK and can lose LP as a result.

Riot's Response

As of now, Riot has not announced a fix for this issue. So, Yuumi players are cautioned to hop on and off their ally frequently to avoid this unexpected hiccup.