Wild Rift Welcomes New Champion from Arcane

The enormously popular MOBA game's mobile version, Wild Rift, embraces the acclaimed Arcane Netflix series with the introduction of a playable character from the show.

Wild Rift, the mobile version of the wildly popular game League of Legends, announced that it will soon feature a new character from the acclaimed Netflix series, Arcane. This character is not a temporary addition but will remain as a permanent playable champion.

The universe of Arcane, which has enticed a huge viewership, many of whom are new to the MOBA genre, is set to expand. The series, renowned for its compelling storytelling and representation of beloved Champions like Ekko, Jinx, Vi, and Jayce, has left audiences eagerly anticipating more.

The next season of Arcane is gradually coming into view. Riot, the creator of both League of Legends and Arcane, couldn't wait to share the news that a sequel to the compelling storyline is underway. Hinting at fresh faces such as Warwick possibly being introduced into the narrative in the upcoming season.

Riot’s pursuit of intertwining the lore and game continues with this exciting revelation. They announced that Ambessa Medarda, a character from Arcane, would be made available in League of Legends. The mobile game Wild Rift follows in similar footsteps, declaring that Ambessa would also be added to its roster.

New Arcane Character Joins Wild Rift

In a recent developer update for Wild Rift, Riot Meddler, the head of League Studio, touched upon various developments. This included the mention of Arcane Season 2, which is likely to be celebrated with a host of events across the many titles under Riot, commemorating the fresh season's launch.

Riot Meddler confirmed that Noxian Warlord Ambessa Medarda will feature in the upcoming season of Arcane, and will also be making an appearance in the Wild Rift. Mirroring the PC variant of the game, Ambessa will join the roster as a permanent playable character, solidifying the crossover from series to game.

Unfortunately, a definite release date was not mentioned for when Ambessa would join the game's roster, although it should be around the same time Arcane Season 2 is released. Keeping fans intrigued and excited.

The Wild Rift developer also shared that the final patch for the game in the current year would be heavily Arcane-focused, possibly hinting at more collaborations between the series and the game to be anticipated when the new season launches. This move will certainly bridge the lore and the game more seamlessly, subtly hinting that there's more to look forward to when the latest season finally debuts.