Update 14.5 Summary: Changes and fixes documented.

A comprehensive look into the critical updates and tweaks introduced in the 14.5 patch of the game League of Legends.


The release of the 14.5 patch for the famous online multiplayer game, League of Legends, brings with it a series of modifications. This article aims to explore these updates comprehensively.

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The developers have highlighted two crucial updates, namely, balance changes and bugfixes. The first part of this discussion will tackle these balance changes in detail.

Update 14.5 Summary: Changes and fixes documented. ImageAlt

Balance Changes

The patch prioritizes balance, aiming to ensure fairness across the game. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, continues to make strides towards this goal with the introduction of new balance changes.

These balance changes come with a specific intention and purpose. For instance, balance changes may have been introduced to restrict a character whose strengths have been giving them a noticeable and arguably unfair advantage in the game. Alternatively, balance changes may have been introduced to boost a character's capabilities that may be underperforming in the game.

One of the most significant balance changes introduced with this patch is for the character Senna. Senna's attack speed ratio now stands at 0.2, down from 0.3. Meanwhile, the champion Aphelios has had his weapon inventory display updated. His level 1 attack damage, too, has been reduced to 57 from 60 earlier.

Another notable balance change is for Thresh. Thresh's attack damage growth has been increased from 2.2 to 3.5; his armor growth, too, has seen an increment to 1 from 0.5. Similarly, for Ryze, changes have been made concerning his Mana growth and attack speed. Mana growth has been slightly increased from 45 to 50, and attack speed has been increased to 0.625 from 0.6.

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Bug Fixes and More

Beyond balance changes, the 14.5 patch has also addressed several bugs. Bugs are flaws in the system that can hamper the overall gaming experience, and Riot Games has made significant effort towards their eradication.

One of the fixes involves the champion Gragas, whose E-Reactive hitbox was functioning erroneously. The 14.5 patch addresses this to avoid clashes and ensure more effective gameplay.

Similarly, another bug that was creating issues concerned Ivern’s W- Brushmaker, which has also been resolved in this release. The bug caused a vision issue which should no longer occur.

Other bug fixes include, but are not limited to, changes involving champions such as Riven, Yone, and Mundo. For Riven, alterations have been made to her Q- Broken Wings while for Yone, the E- Spirit Cleave has been adjusted. As for Mundo, the issue was with his passive - Goes Where He Pleases - which has since been rectified.

Other Notable Changes

The 14.5 patch introduces a series of essential updates beyond character-specific balance changes, and bug fixes. Some of these developments involve visual adjustments, changes to the ARAM mode of the game, and client clean-ups.

The visual adjustments enhance the gaming experience as they make the game cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing, and comprehensible for users. Rek'Sai's Burrow/Unburrow visual effects, Anivia's Flash Frost, Qiyana's Supreme Display of Talent are some of the few among others that have been updated visually.

ARAM mode, which stands for All Random All Mid, has also experienced several changes. Buffs and nerfs to specific champions have been introduced to ensure gameplay remains fair and balanced across this mode.

The client cleanup is a crucial aspect of this patch. These cleanups include the removal of potentially unnecessary or obsolete files and systems thereby increasing the overall efficiency and performance of the game.

Final Thoughts

The 14.5 Patch for League of Legends is a significant milestone in the game's ongoing evolution. It introduces various critical updates that impact both the gameplay and the gaming experience as a whole.

Riot Games has always been attentive to the needs and demands of its player base, and this patch is a testament to that. By introducing updates that not only enhance the competitive balance of the game but also streamline the gameplay experience, they continue on their mission to deliver gaming experiences like no other.

The updates shed light on how Riot Games continues to strive for a more balanced and bug-free gaming environment, while also working to improve the visual elements of the game.

Whether it's the slight tweak to a beloved character or a bug fix that smoothens gameplay, every change contributes to the game's progression, demonstrating the value of consistent updates. These changes inspire optimism for the future of League of Legends, as it continues to evolve and deliver into the ever-changing world of online multiplayer gaming.