Update 14.3 changes summarized in less than 200 characters.

An extensive overview of the alterations and bug fixes introduced in the 14.3 patch for popular game League of Legends The 14.3 patch for ' League of Legends' contained an array of adjustments and modifications implemented to encourage more balanced gameplay. This article offers a comprehensive recap of these changes, with particular attention to their effects on specific champions, items, and game mechanics. The first batch of changes concerned champions. Let's start with Anivia. The developers curtailed her power slightly by reducing the damage to her Q ability and increasing the cooldown for her R ability. They concluded that these changes would restore some essential fairness to her play style. Next up, Aatrox. His Win Rates were moderate in comparison to other top picks, but his Ban Rates were high, which the developers assessed as a sign of player discomfort while contending with Aatrox. Their solution was to notch down his Passive and Q abilities, causing a decrease in his early-stage power without critically hurting his late-stage strength. Caitlyn was the next champion to experience modifications. Her Passive ability experienced a slight increase in its bonus Headshot damage. The developers reasoned that enhancing her late-game strength would ensure her position as a 'late-game carry'. The jungle champions were also under the radar in this patch. Elise, Evelynn, and Hecarim each had a small decrease in their base attack damage. The developers believed this would balance their strength within their teams. The first major overhaul to items in patch 14.3 was the Tiamat and Talisman of Ascension. Their regeneration stat, previously stacked, was altered to be unique. This change aimed to discourage item stacking, a mechanic developers deemed to be outside of the usual gameplay structure. Moreover, the Void Staff, an item preferred by AP champions for its magic penetration aspect, had its cost increased notably. Developers judged that with its high performance, increasing its price tag would be a suitable trade-off. Lastly, the Warding Totem had a rise in its cooldown between levels. The developers contended that this change would ensure a level playing field between the Warding Totem and the other trinkets. In addition to character and item tweaks, patch 14.3 brought along several gameplay modifications. The first concerned the removal of the regeneration aspect in Baron Nashor's Pit. The developers explained this alteration aimed to create a more significant risk-reward scenario when attempting Baron. Several alterations were made to turrets too. Early-stage turrets received an increase in their defense. These changes intended to discourage early turret rushes, giving players more breathing room in the initial phases of matches. Aggressive warding in the enemy's Jungle also saw some changes. An increased gold value for killing a ward placed by Sightstone was implemented. This served to put a higher cost on deep ward placements within enemy territory. Critics and users alike widely applauded the bug fixes in this patch. Firstly, the bug that caused minions and champions to walk erratically was handled. This bug was quite disruptive for players, causing unnecessary confusion. The second bug fix involved an issue where champions became invisible when near the edge of a ward's vision range. This was a high-priority fix as it gave an unfair advantage to certain players. Another major fix involved neutral minions in jungle camps. There were instances where these minions would spawn earlier than intended, creating an unfair advantage. This issue was promptly attended to in this patch. A welcome fix in Patch 14.3 was the correction of a bug that caused Lucian's Q ability, Piercing Light, to occasionally fail to hit enemies in the pointed direction. This brought relief to many Lucian players who had been affected by this notorious bug. In conclusion, Patch 14.3 made multiple alterations to character abilities, item stats, and game mechanics. The aim was to ensure the preserve balanced and fair gameplay. Although not every change may have been welcomed by all players, they overall aimed to enhance the 'League of Legends' gaming experience.