Tomorrow's League of Legends Gameplay

A glimpse into the future of popular video game - League of Legends (LoL) as we foresee what gameplay might look like in the 2024 season.

LoL's Evolution Over Time: Part 1

When we reminisce about League of Legends (LoL), it's customary to reflect on its decade-long journey. Over the years, the game has consistently brought players new content, adjustments, and enhancements. The arduous task of balancing gameplay seems to be ever-present in this evolving metaverse.

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The challenge for developers is to maintain intrigue among players while still providing a fair, competitive environment. This involves incessantly assessing the performance of new champions, adjusting the attributes of existing characters, and altering the mechanics of the game itself.

Expected Gameplay Changes in 2024

We anticipate several changes to the game by 2024, given its past evolution. New champions will likely continue to enter the arena, with each arrival bringing a unique set of skills and challenging long-standing gameplay strategies.

Continual Revision of Champions

On-going revision of existing champions will result in a more dynamic gameplay experience. Characters considered too powerful in the current meta may be nerfed, while those considered lacking strength may be buffed. These changes aim to maintain a healthy balance within the game.

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Expansion of the Jungle

The Jungle's role has grown significantly since LoL's inception, and we expect this trend to continue. It's predicted that new creatures will inhabit the Jungle, providing new buffs and resources for the adventurous players to exploit.

The Future of Movement

We predict that the 2024 gameplay version will introduce innovative movement and navigation mechanics. These changes will aim to enhance player interactions and strategy planning on the map.

Growth in Strategic Points

In line with player requests, strategic points of interest, such as Baron Nashor and Dragon, could evolve into more complex and game-changing elements, thereby making strategic planning and map control crucial for team success.

Improved Map Balance

The game's map design might see tweaks to ensure even distribution of resources and objectives. The aim would be to reduce advantages offered by certain map positions and thus heighten competitiveness for all players.

New Systems Expected

New systems such as PvP trading and reputation scores could be in the pipeline. While these may take time to develop and integrate, they could significantly augment the gameplay experience.

Enhanced Player Customization

Increased player customization is a likely future possibility which means more in-depth character customization options and unique skin lines that reflect individual playing styles and aesthetics.

The Item Shop

The Item Shop has perpetually seen transformations and it’s probable that by 2024 there will be entirely new items with unique functions on display for champions to obtain.

Integration of AR Technologies

More excitingly, we could see the integration of augmented reality (AR) technologies in the game. This could revolutionize how players interact with the game, paving the way for a more immersive LoL experience.

Rising Importance of Team Coordination

The game already relies heavily on team coordination and strategy. As complexity increases, the role of clear communication and well-executed plans will become increasingly vital to winning matches.

Skill-based Gameplay

The trend of skill-based gameplay will persist. Those honing their skills, learning from mistakes, and making the most of their champions’ abilities will find themselves rewarded.

Less Randomized Elements

Less randomized elements could also feature in 2024’s gameplay. This would support a move toward more strategic and skill-focused gameplay, ensuring player competence is rewarded over luck.

New Talent Tree

The talent tree is a crucial aspect of a champion's growth during a match. An expansion on this feature could provide players with a wider range of build paths, adding an extra layer of depth to each game.

Stricter Punishments for Toxicity

Lastly, the developers of LoL are aware of player concerns about in-game toxicity. Further improvements to detect and punish players exhibiting unsporting behavior are predicted.

Ageing like Fine Wine

As the years pass, the game's maturation process only seems to improve it. With ongoing changes and additions, the evolving universe of LoL promises an interesting future for its players.


While this article is a speculative glimpse into what 2024 may hold for LoL, there is still a sense of expectation and excitement. No matter the changes in store, the competitive spirit, strategic gameplay and unique experience that defines League of Legends is sure to be upheld.