The Unusual Garen Build in Ultra Rapid Fire

An unconventional approach employed by a non-tanky Garen, and its implications on gameplay during League of Legends' Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode.

The Garen character in League of Legends is widely known for his tank attributes. He is often built for durability and strength. However, a unique approach was taken where he was played as a non-tanky champion in the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode.

Usually, Garen is recognized for his roles as a top laner and a juggernaut, offering considerable damage while being sturdy during fights. This general playstyle sets the expectation for his character and influences how players interact with him. But imagine playing tanky Garen as a non-tanky, similar to a damage dealer or assassin. Sounds odd, right?

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Conventionally, Garen offers sustainability during fights with his tankiness. He dishes out considerable damage to enemies during trades and all-ins while being able to withstand the return fire. This trait makes him a formidable champion, especially in one-on-one fights. This however is subverted in URF mode.

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The URF mode in League of Legends is a 'featured game mode' where every champion has 80% cooldown reduction on their abilities, and no cost for casting them, resulting in fast-paced, chaotic gameplay. The playstyle and build typically favor high-burst, mobility champions.

However, in this particular case, Garen has been built in a way that is contrary to conventional wisdom. He was played more akin to an assassin or damage dealer role rather than a tank. This has multiple implications on his performance and overall gameplay.

Firstly, building a non-tanky Garen can catch enemies off-guard, contributing to uncertain exchanges and potential opportunities for kills. The surprise factor can throw off enemies, particularly those not expecting a burst of damage from a usually tanky Garen.

While this build deviates from the traditional tanky format, it doesn't mean it's ineffective. On the contrary, it might promote aggressive playstyle by offering high, quick damage to opponents. This approach can be considered effective under certain circumstances.

Playing a non-tanky Garen in URF mode can also be a fun, fresh experience for players seeking to experiment or change up the routine. The altered gameplay dynamics can provide a fresh challenge, apart from the regular Garen playstyle.

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However, playing Garen in this unusual manner also comes with its own set of challenges and potential disadvantages.

For instance, neglecting Garen's innate tankiness could leave him susceptible to damage. If not played carefully, the Garen player might find themselves quickly eliminated in trades or team fights due to a lack of durability.

Furthermore, this unorthodox approach requires solid mechanics and understanding of the character's limitations. A miscalculated step or incorrectly timed skill can lead to swift defeat, considering Garen's vulnerability without his usual tanky build.

By forgoing tankiness, Garen might struggle against other tanky or crowd-control (CC) heavy champions that can weather his high damage output and shut him down. This could lead to certain unfavorable match-ups in the game.

However, these challenges can be seen as part of the thrill of running a non-tanky Garen build in League of Legends' URF mode.

One could argue that such a build encourages strategic play and mechanical skill, as players have to compensate for Garen's lowered durability with proper positioning, timing, and damage output.

Given the nature of URF, creativity with champion builds is not just possible, but openly encouraged. A non-tanky Garen can bring a new perspective to gameplay, strategically shaking up the battlefield and keeping opponents guessing.

In conclusion, playing a non-tanky Garen in URF mode illuminates the flexible nature of character builds in League of Legends. This unconventional approach has potential for success, provided it is played with strategy and understanding of the game dynamics.

Running this unique Garen build might not be for everyone, but it offers an engaging, new way to experience League of Legends’ URF mode. Ultimately, experimenting with such builds enriches the gaming experience, making it exciting and unpredictable.