TFT Streamer Stunned by Second-Place Finish with 3-Star Bel’Veth

A popular streamer of Teamfight Tactics is left without words after their highly ranked Bel’Veth unit couldn't secure victory, leading to an unexpected second-place finish.

Teamfight Tactics: A Case of Unexpected Outcome

Teamfight Tactics is immensely popular for its strategic gameplay. Players must devise their compositions to outpace all competition, often merging various characteristics and synergies to increase their squad's power.

Deploying 5-cost Units: A Potent Strategy

One strategy enlisted for constructing a potent board in Teamfight Tactics is deploying robust 5-cost units to overpower the adversary. However, this team composition might be riskier as players need to progress to levels 7, 8, or 9 for hunting these units.

Tank Briar dies slowly.
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If players succeed in securing these units, they can quickly sway the outcome between victory or loss. This holds exceptionally if a player manages to achieve a 3-star rank for a 5-cost unit, usually ensuring a win for the holder. However, it seems that wasn't the case for the well-known Teamfight Tactics streamer.

TFT Streamer Stunned by Second-Place Finish with 3-Star Bel’Veth ImageAlt

Positioning for Victory

TFToddy, in a favorable position, had only three other players to beat, ensuring a gain of LP at the end of this game. With their level at 9, TFToddy was eagerly searching for a Bel’Veth 3. This find would have undeniably cemented their victory.

The efforts paid off, and exactly as planned, the streamer found the 3-star Bel’Veth. However, the outcome did not turn as expected. TFToddy had to compete with a fully capped Gunner Zaun board, having a 2-star Senna, Gunner Urgot, and others. This would ordinarily not be a problem for 3-star Bel’Veth, given her capabilities to wipe the enemy board clean. Yet, the unexpected occurred. The Bel’Veth struggled enormously against the Zaun board and was defeated before taking down the Heimerdinger or Zeri.

Shock and Bewilderment

The surprise was palpable on TFToddy's face, swiftly transitioning into bewilderment and mute shock as they struggled to process what just occurred.