Teamfight Tactics Streamer Unearths Unprecedented Strategy

A streamer in Teamfight Tactics reveals astonishing strategy with revolutionary augment combination, reshaping the game to a whole new level.

Teamfight Tactics Streamer Unearths Unprecedented Strategy

A remarkable strategy, dubbed as the '100 duck-sized horses', has been unveiled by a Teamfight Tactics streamer. This innovative approach was brought to light with the serendipitous pairing of a Prismatic augment.

Teamfight Tactics, a brain-child of Riot, has witnessed remarkable transformation over the years ever since it made its first debut. Riot's spin on the trending auto-battler trend has now evolved into a thoroughly designed strategy mode that has garnered appreciation from players globally. Riot continues to update the mode, introducing new elements like units, mechanisms, and appearances with each successive set.

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The Groundbreaking Augments

The sixth set has arguably been the most iconic for Teamfight Tactics, introducing the concept of augments. These augments can drastically alter the gameplay, and strategic utilization of these is the key to clinching a victory. The ninth set brought a new augment on the scene that enabled players to amplify their maximum army size by three, albeit at the expense of individual unit strength.

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This newly introduced augment, named 'Endless Hordes', was conceived by the age-old conundrum of combating either 100 duck-sized horses or a single horse-sized duck. A popular streamer got the opportunity to explore this concept by obtaining augments that increased his maximum army size by five, thus providing him with an extensive board for battle.

A Massive Board Emerges

While playing Teamfight Tactics, players can mobilize a specific number of units based on their ongoing level in the game. A player's maximum board size is equal to their current level, but this can be increased by employing certain augments such as Endless Hordes.

Along with Endless Hordes another augment that caught eyes was 'Cursed Crown', this prismatic augment provided players a bonus of 2 maximum army size. The combination of these two augments produced a total extra of 5 maximum army size, expanding their boards to unprecedented limits.

This rare occurrence happened to the streamer who managed to deploy 12 units on his board despite being at level 7.

Although the idea of having 12 units might seem attractive theoretically, practically it didn't work as planned. The streamer ended up in the 6th place with this massive army, which he found it hard to believe.

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