Teamfight Tactics Announces Lunar Legacy Event

Teamfight Tactics has surprised players with the announcement of the Lunar Legacy event bringing player straight back to memory lane, as it revives an old game set.

Exciting news has come out of the camp of Teamfight Tactics. They recently publicized that the Lunar Legacy event will reintroduce an old set to the game for the first time. This unexpected announcement has made waves among followers and participants of the well-renowned Riot auto battler game.

Teamfight Tactics has kept its audience on its toes since its debut in 2019. We have witnessed a myriad of sets introduced and retired, new mechanics being tested and implemented, new additions to the 'Little Legends' line-up, and a whole host of other changes taking the game to new heights.

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The concept of sets is fundamental to the progression of Teamfight Tactics. The gameplay's excitement stems from sets allowing different units to be fielded by the players. Each set brings a brand new mechanic that deeply impacts how the game is played. It's akin to a fresh breath of air every time a new set lands.

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Take Set 10, for instance. It excellently merged the Region Portals from Set 9 with the Chosen mechanic from Set 4 to deliver a stunning musical-themed cast. It was a testament to Riot's commitment to innovating and enhancing their players' gaming experience.

Players of Teamfight Tactics have long been asking if Riot would consider bringing back one of the older sets. A nostalgic longing has been evident within much of the game's community, pining for the sentimentality of previous gaming experiences.

To the delight of many players, Riot has made it clear that they will indeed be resuscitating an older set. And what's more, they are doing so as a celebration of the Lunar New Year, magnifying the festivities in their own unique, spirited style.

An official tweet from Teamfight Tactics revealed, 'It’s TFT’s first mid-set revival, and we’re returning to the stars with the Galaxies mid-set!'. The message also promised updates to the set via forthcoming patch 14.02, raising anticipation amongst players about how the cherished set will be represented in its new incarnation.

Riot has marked the return of Set 3.5 to the Convergence for a limited period during the Lunar Legacy event. They have promised that Set 3.5, which served as the mid-set of Galaxies, will bring back all of its units, complete with new portals, augmentations and items.

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The exciting Lunar Legacy event commences from Patch 14.2 which is due to roll out on January 24th. Players will then have over two months, until March 19th, during which they can revisit and relish the nostalgia of the previous set.

However, the upcoming version of Set 3.5 won’t be an exact replica of its initial version. The devs have made several adjustments along with adding new augments and portals, which will substantially alter how the set will be played. This also indicates the possibility of new strategies being discovered that would not have been achievable in the original version.

With so many tantalizing prospects, Riot has expertly managed to heighten both anticipation and excitement for the Lunar Legacy event. As Teamfight Tactics players worldwide actively count down to the imminent launch, Teamfight Tactics stands ready to deliver yet another impressive chapter in their ever-expanding saga.