Skarner Rework Review: An Evaluation of Community's Reactions

A detailed discussion on the recent rework of League's Skarner character and the community's varying opinions on the same

The gaming community of League has long anticipated the rework of Skarner, an out-of-date character unsuited to modern League gameplay. Most agreed that this update was not only necessary, but overdue. Finally, players have now been introduced to the reimagined champion.

Although Skarner was one of the least adaptive and sluggish characters in the game, its incredible potential was recognized by everyone. As evidence of this, he was chosen for the most recent complete transformation known in gamer parlance as a Visual Gameplay Update, or VGU.

The rework, however, took an astonishing two years to finish, marking the lengthiest interval between VGUs to date. Many in the community believe this delay to be damning, particularly considering the multitude of other champions who are also in need of a rework.

Given the long wait time, other champion mains such as Shyvana, Nocturne, and Zilean have expressed their expectation for a speedier development process. The extended wait for Skarner's new development has left some players feeling impatient and disappointed.

New Abilities: A Fresh Outlook or an Old Wine in a New Bottle?

As soon as the details of Skarner's new abilities and skins were revealed, the community began to voice their thoughts, and these varied widely. The redesigned champion has been generally acknowledged as a visual improvement on the earlier version.

The effectiveness of its skillset has also been remarked upon, with many players expressing their appreciation of the modernizing changes. The refresh clearly matched the aim of the VGU, updating the game's mechanics to better align with more current playing styles.

Nonetheless, objections were also raised by some members of the community. Despite the remodel's success in bringing Skarner up to date, player dissatisfaction has centered on the length of time it took for this rework to be implemented

There has been a sense of frustration among some players, who felt let down by the fact that such a time-consuming exercise resulted in insufficient changes. In the eyes of these players, the result did not reflect the effort invested in the character's redevelopment.

A Detailed Discussion: Scrutinizing Skarner's Rework.

Players did not shy away from stating their specific issues with the new Skarner. One gamer pointed out that despite the character’s modernized kit and the general improvement in gameplay, the time taken for these changes seemed disproportionate.

One gamer explained that the development team took so long because they could not immediately decide on a distinct identity or development plan for Skarner. The player argued that despite the hard work put in, the process was drawn out.

A more critical observer asserted that the new and streamlined animations were impressive, but fell short of justifying a two-year wait. The player expressed disappointment regarding the new character's kit as it still appeared similar to the previous Skarner, and even deemed his look to be less inspiring.

Overall, while the community has warmly received Skarner's visual changes and updated abilities, a sense of shared frustration prevails. Many within the gaming community feel that the outcomes of this VGU, though positive, do not justify the two-year development process.