Shopify Rebellion Seeks ADC Player from CBLOL

Instead of signing on free agents from the LCS, reports suggest that Shopify Rebellion plans to bring in an ADC player from CBLOL. This move comes along with other events in the LCS 2024 off-season. This article details the expected changes in the team's roster and provides insights into the probable new addition's career.

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2024 off-season has taken several surprising twists and turns since the conclusion of Worlds. The continuous shifting of players and teams has made it quite an engaging period for enthusiasts of Esports and the LCS.

In this flurry of activity, one team, Shopify Rebellion, stands out for its distinct approach to structuring their team for the 2024 season. Having recently joined the LCS, the team is actively looking to sign its team members.

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The roster for Shopify's upcoming season is reportedly a blend of ex-players from Disguised and TSM. The most surprising part of the team's line-up is that they are looking to sign an ADC player not commonly featured in LCS, adding an element of intrigue.

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The identity of the prospective ADC player has fueled much speculation among esports followers. A name currently leading the rumor mill is none other than a skilled player from CBLOL—a region not typically associated with sourcing for LCS mainstays.

Information released by Sheep Esports suggests that Shopify is considering adding Ji “Bvoy” Yeon-hoon to its team. Bvoy might be accompanied by FakeGod, Bugi, Insanity, Zeyzal, and Tomio, former players of Disguised and TSM, in the roster.

Bvoy has had an interesting career trajectory. He began his journey in tier two of the LCK in 2016, further branching out to the second tier of LPL the following year where he had moderate success. In 2019, he signed up with JDG and finished second in the LPL Spring.

Later in 2019, Bvoy changed course by joining Furious Gaming in the LLA. This transition marked another major step in his career journey, indicating his willingness to explore unfamiliar territories and races.

After this, Bvoy moved between regions and teams, exhibiting a significant degree of flexibility. For example, in 2020, he played for the LEC under Misfits during the Spring split but joined Flamenco Esports in the CBLOL by the year-end.

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In 2021 and the start of 2022, he competed in the LLA representing Estral Esports, once again demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

More recently, Bvoy has garnered attention for his performance in the CBLOL playing for paiN Gaming. He has secured a second-place finish in both splits, narrowly missing out on both MSI and Worlds this year.

The addition of Bvoy to the Shopify Rebellion team could bring a new dynamic to their game plan, considering his varied experience and adaptable gaming style. This decision may influence the team's performance in the 2024 LCS season.

As Shopify Rebellion is a relatively new entrant in the LCS, the team’s management appears to be working on a strategically sound roster. By seeking talent from diverse regions instead of solely relying on LCS regulars, they could potentially bring about a refreshing change in the LCS game dynamics.

While the confirmation of Bvoy's signing is yet to be announced officially, if true, it could represent a significant landmark in his career, making the forthcoming season one to watch out for.

The off-season of LCS has often seen several unexpected shifts in team compositions, affecting the overall gaming landscape. If Shopify Rebellion's rumored decision to sign on Bvoy is validated, it could start a new trend in selection strategies in the LCS.

Such impactful and strategic decisions can shape the future of LCS, influencing team strategies and the overall competitiveness of the game. For Shopify Rebellion, adding a seasoned player like Bvoy can potentially elevate their performance in the upcoming season.

This new development is another reminder of how dynamics within the LCS continue to evolve. It will be interesting to monitor the outcomes of these strategic decisions by Shopify Rebellion and other teams as the preparations for the 2024 LCS season continue.