Riot Forge only develops single-player games.

Riot Games recently confirmed that its new publishing label, Riot Forge, will only develop single-player games, breaking from their tradition of multiplayer options.


Riot Games, a globally recognized game developer, has made a departure from its usual pattern. In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the company's new publishing label, Riot Forge, would strictly work on single-player games. This move is a significant departure since Riot Games is traditionally known for its multiplayer games.

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What is Riot Forge?

Riot Forge only develops single-player games. ImageAlt

Riot Forge is the new publishing label of Riot Games. The announcement about their focus on single-player games was made at the recent League of Legends 10th anniversary event. Riot Forge was introduced as the publishing wing dedicated to working with third-party developers to make more League of Legends-focused games.

Multiplayer to Single-Player

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena game. This gave the company a reputation for providing multiplayer online games. Therefore, the shift to single-player games with Riot Forge is a notable one.

Reason for Single-Player Games

Riot Games explained their decision to create single-player games by stating that they wish to build deep, rich experiences in the League of Legends universe. They feel that the single-player format will allow them to create stories that players can delve into, giving players a whole new way to engage with the rich universe.

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First Single-Player Games

The first games to be produced by Riot Forge are Ruined King and Convergence. These games will be set in the League of Legends universe, but will focus on singular player experiences. These are considered to be significant releases in the gaming industry, and anticipation is high.

The Storytelling Opportunities

With the single-player format, Riot Forge aims at enriching the player's experience by creating a deeper narrative. This format will offer the platform to tell stories around the different characters of League of Legends, their universe and the lore that surrounds them.

Player Expectations

Players around the world are excited about this new development from Riot Games. The step to create single-player games will provide players with different experiences to engage on. This offers them the ability to explore the world of League of Legends in different ways.

Plentiful Potentials

The decision to focus on single-player games opens up numerous possibilities. Riot Games can now concentrate on building strong narratives and deep character progression, an area often overlooked in multiplayer online games. These immersive narratives will potentially appeal to a large segment of the gaming community.

New Opportunities for Developers

Riot Forge collaborating with third-party developers also presents a new world of opportunities. These developers are provided a chance to contribute to the rich League of Legends universe. This move could attract top talent, broadening the range of creative input into future games.

Anticipation for Future

The gaming community eagerly awaits the future productions from Riot Forge. The publishing label’s commitment to creating deep, rich, single-player experiences has piqued curiosity among gamers. This anticipation is mounting ahead of the Ruined King and Convergence releases.

The Future of Riot Games

With this shift in focus, Riot Games is set to undergo significant changes. However, the company remains committed to providing quality gaming experiences. Future endeavors will be observed closely, as the gaming community is curious about the new direction they're taking.

The Impact on the Industry

This development at Riot Games might have wider implications for the gaming industry. The conscious shift towards single-player narratives could spark a new trend among developers. A successful venture could change the perceived dominance of multiplayer online games.


Riot Games has turned a new page with the formation of Riot Forge. With a set focus on creating single-player games, the company creates a new avenue for storytelling possibilities. This decision has the potential to influence the future of the entire gaming industry and reshape how we perceive online games.