Patch 14.6 update details.

A comprehensive review of the 14.6 patch update for the popular online game, League of Legends. Feature changes, champion adjustments, and other alterations are discussed in depth.


League of Legends, the popular online multiplayer game, has released its 14.6 patch update. This update brings notable changes to the game-play that influence characters and alter the dynamics of the game. The new additions and modifications are aimed at enhancing the game experience for the players.

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The improving tweaks include adjustments to champion stats. Champions like Nautilus have received new abilities which are anticipated to make gameplay much more engaging. These modifications have been long expected and are set to revolutionize the gaming experience

Patch 14.6 update details. ImageAlt

The 14.6 patch also introduces essential system updates to improve the gaming environment. These improvements cater to previous issues and suggestions from the gaming community, reflecting the developers' commitment to making constant improvements.

These system modifications range from interface upgrades to optimizations in game play objectives. The game developers have prioritized feedback and incorporated essential changes that enhance the gaming encounter, making gameplay more accessible and immersive.

Understanding Champion Adjustments

Significant alterations have been made in the champion realm. For instance, Anivia, a glacial storm-creator, has seen some tweaking in her abilities which are set to boost her attack power. This is a strategic move to balance her role in the battlefield. Especially given the expanded importance of mid-lane fighters in the recent gameplay meta.

Dr. Mundo, another prominent character, has also undergone changes in this patch. His base statistics have been marginally improved, boosting his health, attack speed, and magic resistance to balance out his fairly weak early game performance.

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Vayn, a popular marksman, has also been facilitated with an added passive ability in this patch. The added ability enhances her chance of survival in battles and could potentially shift gameplay dynamics involving her.

The mentioned changes are a few among many, several other characters have seen adjustments to their abilities too. These are done to maintain gameplay balance and counter any potential exploitation that could disrupt the game flow.

Exploring the Item Updates

Another big highlight of the 14.6 patch is the revisions done to the in-game items. Updates for some universally favored items like 'Zeke's Convergence,' 'Locket of the Iron Solari,' 'Shurelya's Battlesong' aim to maximize their efficiency during gameplay.

An interesting tweak in the item system updates is modification in 'Staff of Flowing Water'. This item will now provide bonuses not just to the healers but also to their healed allies. This inclusion promotes teamwork and is a welcomed change.

Additionally, certain items like 'Redemption' and 'Mikael's Crucible' received cost adjustments. This balances their usage in gameplay by making them less accessible in the early stages but highly efficient for late game strategies.

Item updates are not limited to altering existing ones. The developers have introduced some brand-new items aiming to diversify the pool and add extra dimensions to the gameplay strategies.

Noteworthy System Updates

An overarching feature of the 14.6 Patch include several system updates. The layout tweaks that this patch brings are to make user interface improvements and optimize the gameplay environment. This includes changes that enhance the visibility, navigation ease and organization within the game.

There has been a notable modification in the jungle-exp setting. An altered logic on enhanced monster rewards is aimed at ensuring Jungle champions are not left behind in gold or experience during late game battles.

Furthermore, the Smite tool has been updated to enable better scaling during the game. This update is expected to create a more leveled battlefield, thereby ensuring that all players, irrespective of their chosen lanes, have a competitive gaming experience.

One notable but humble improvement is an upgrade in the visual appearance of the turrets. Now, they have clearer signalling of their 'Fortification' status. This is a simple but effective change that enhances readability and awareness in the game.

Designer's Notes on Bug Fixes

The latest patch also brings an assortment of necessary bug fixes. Bug fixes remain an integral part of any game update as these directly impact the user experience and overall quality of the game.

A considerable number of bugs, which previously caused inconvenience, have been identified and eliminated in patch 14.6. Improvements are made in an effort to provide a seamless and fair gaming environment.

For example, there was a reported bug about 'Gwen's Snip Snip ability.' This ability was behaving atypically under certain conditions. Fixing this issue came to priority as it was affecting the gameplay consistency. This particular bug fix, along with other various fixes, marks a significant step towards creating a polished and refined gameplay environment.

Overall, the bug fixes reflect an adequate response to the player feedback, re-affirming the developer's commitment to providing a fair and enjoyable player experience.