Patch 14.1 Update: Simplified for you!

An extensive look at the big and small changes that Patch 14.1 brings to the gameplay mechanics of League of Legends.

The Big Players in Patch 14.1

Riot has always been focused on balancing and promoting diversity in the gameplay in their famous game, League of Legends. The recently-released Patch 14.1, is exactly meant for that. This patch has targeted some of League's biggest players making some major alterations.

Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear, has been affected the most with significant changes. He was known for his global mobility which gave him a lethal reach to assassinate his enemies, but now, his global mobility has been removed.

The most notable change for him is in his W, Shield Vault. The skill's stun duration has been reduced. His Q, Comet Spear’s, bonus attack damage ratio has also been decreased and R, Grand Starfall, has a new effect that makes enemies within the area slowed.

Balance of Roles

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful, one of the latest additions to the pool of champions in League, is also receiving some major changes in this patch. Moonlight Vigil Ultimate’s Infernum splash damage has been decreased, making him a little less lethal.

Moreover, Aphelios' damage and overall capabilities have been targeted as well, with Riot admitting that the goal here is to make him more balanced amid various roles and compositions.

Nevertheless, Riot promises that Aphelios will still be a powerful AD carry. It seems Riot is finally making some important changes to reflect their commitment to the balance of roles.

Riot's ambition is to support a diverse range of viable Champions and encourage playstyle variety.

New Changes to Champions

The patch has also made major changes to Qiyana, the Empress of the Elements. The damage ratio on the following abilities has been increased: her Q, Edge of Ixtal and R, Supreme Display of Talent.

Riot seems to have noticed something substantial in these changes because significant adjustments to abilities imply that it wants players to aim to take advantage of champion-specific mechanics.

Moreover, Senna, the Redeemer, has also faced some changes. Her Q’s healing effect has been changed.

Based on feedback and data, Senna's Q was over-performing, leading to frustrating cases where enemies could not overcome her healing, causing a negative outcome for the game.

Updates and Adjustments

Patch 14.1 is full of a ton of small adjustments and larger changes that could significantly affect how games are played.

Sett, The Boss, has a new effect on his W, Haymaker, and bug fixes on his E, Facebreaker.

Varus, Diana, Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Zyra and a number of other champions are also receiving minor changes.

The changes in this patch should help balance out the rift, ensuring no champion is left feeling overly dominant.

Bug Fixes and Updates

As usual, the patch comes with numerous bug fixes meant to improve the gameplay experience. Bugs related to Master Yi, Nunu, and the new champion Aphelios have been addressed, to name a few.

Minor tweaks and graphics updates have also been made to various items and champions, including Conqueror, the Empress of the Elements, and Lethality.

While not often a big selling point, these bug fixes and small changes are crucial for maintaining an enjoyable and balanced gameplays.

Every update, whatever its size, can have a significant impact on the gaming experience.


Each new League of Legends patch brings changes to how the game is played, and Patch 14.1 is no exception.

With major changes to several champions and adjustments aimed at maintaining a balanced and fair gameplay, the impact of this patch is likely to be felt for some time.

Riot is making clear their commitment to keeping the game exciting, balanced and fresh with interesting and unexpected changes.

As players accrue experience with the new gameplay, the effects of the changes will surely make themselves known across the board.