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An exhibitive review concerning the manifestations and implications of social media trends from past to present.

Social media, an innovation that has undeniably defined the 21st century, has transformed perceptions and interactions globally. From its inception to the present day where it is perceived as ubiquitous, its influence is undeniable.

Emerging initially as a platform for personal interactions, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter burgeoned into digital precincts that captivated the global population. The novelty and exhilaration that these platforms offered proliferated their popularity.

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Early social media enthusiasts embraced the platform with an overwhelming response, initiating a shift in communication paradigms. The influx of users on these platforms triggered a shift from traditional communication methods, setting a precedent for digital interactions.

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With incessant advancements, these platforms have evolved at a breakneck pace, drawing myriad repercussions. They have not only molded the shape of personal interactions but have also revolutionized professional paradigms, reshaping businesses and industries.