New League of Legends Player Left in Tears Over Toxic Environment

A new League of Legends player has had a negative experience due to toxicity within the game. The individual, who had only started playing the game recently, has shared their experience as they found it hard to adapt to the game's current state.

A Newbie's Struggle with Toxicity in League of Legends

A new player of the popular online multiplayer game League of Legends has reportedly been left distraught after facing toxicity in only their first few games of blind pick.

About the Game and Its Toxicity Issues

The game, which is developed by Riot, has been around for nearly 1.5 decades. Within this time, regular players have come to understand the game in a certain way and can often get upset when procedures are not followed. This, coupled with the developers' constant encouragement for players to participate in the ranked mode, has led to an increase in toxicity within the game's player base. This toxicity has been a significant obstacle for new players who are just learning the multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Jensen leaves Dignitas in the LCS.
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Challenges Faced by New Players

This environment can be especially harsh for new players, who are still on the learning curve and may not know how to perform their roles effectively. Now, one such new player has come forward to share their negative experiences while picking up the game in a non-ranked blind pick game.

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The Experience of New Player, Kasiskas

The player, named Kasiskas, stated that they were pretty new to the game and had previously only really practised or versed AI by themselves. In their third blind pick game, they accidentally ended up killing a buff which highly upset their jungler. Despite winning the game, this incident left a negative impact on Kasiskas.

Due to this negative experience, Kasiskas admitted that they felt as if League wasn’t the right game for them since they were too sensitive and afraid of making errors. They further added, 'I loved playing with my boyfriend in Wild Rift, and seeing him so happy that he can share his interest with me. But after every time someone insults me, I just end up crying after the game. League is mean, it wasn’t even ranked.'

Community Suggestions and the Path Ahead

Reddit users suggested several strategies to deal with this toxic environment, from finding supportive communities to muting everyone in-game. However, it's clear that efforts to reduce toxicity in League of Legends, despite what strides Riot has made, are still lacking and there are several improvements to be made.