NBA Star Jokic's Fascination with League of Legends

Nikola Jokic, a prominent NBA star and Denver Nuggets player, reveals a growing interest in the popular game League of Legends.

Nikola Jokic, the famed NBA professional player and a significant part of the Denver Nuggets team, took center stage at the All-Star game after a mention of the popular video game League of Legends.

Jokic is renowned in the NBA arena for possessing exceptional talent and skill in the sport, yet it is an open secret that he would prefer engaging in activities other than basketball. He consistently shares his longings to return to Serbia and spend time with his beloved horses during the off-season quite candidly during interviews and press meets.

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Unlike other players who dedicate their off-season to rigorous training for the upcoming season, Jokic prefers to unwind and disconnect from the world of sports. His alternative interests add an extra layer to his charismatic personality and extend his popularity further among the fan community.

NBA Star Jokic

The Serbian player, after leading his team to a resounding victory in the 2023 NBA Finals and securing their first title ever, displayed a surprising disappointment. This apathy stemmed from the fact he had to participate in the city’s parade in the following week rather than enjoying his much-anticipated rest.

Media circles, being aware of his reluctance to discuss basketball outside the court, have found a novel way to keep him engaged during interviews. Instead of focusing on the sport, they turn their conversations towards topics like video games which excite Jokic. In the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, one such discussion about League of Legends took place.

Zoning in on Jokic’s Preference in League of Legends

Interestingly, Jokic himself revealed that he had played League of Legends, a MOBA from Riot Games, previously. However, he had thus far kept his lips sealed about his preferred characters in the game and the specific roles he relished playing.

In the past, Jokic has pointed out that his ranking hovers around Silver in the game’s competitive ladder system, but was not explicit about his preferred game dynamics. But when his comment sparked interest, he dropped a few hints about his favorites in the game.

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This small revelation adds an extra dimension to the player's personality, combining his aggressive presence on the basketball court with his strategic mindset in the virtual gaming world.

When FanDuel, the digital sportsbook company, casually brought up the topic about League of Legends, Jokic’s instant reaction turned heads. He confirmed that he has currently engaged himself in playing Bruisers, and that his character of choice was placed in the top lane.

The game dynamics allowed by Bruisers in the game's top lane seem to align well with Jokic's inherent basketball style, providing a fresh perspective on his off-court interests.

Upon further probing, Jokic excitedly revealed that he was rotating between playing Urgot and Illaoi, two champions famed for their ability to control the game. They are popular choices among many game enthusiasts, and Jokic’s preferences are no different.

Jokic stated with a smile, "I’m top and, who am I playing right now? I’m playing Urgot and Illaoi, and I’m going to say only those two."

Urgot and Illaoi are known as bruisers in the game's terminology, hinting at Jokic's playing style and the kind of game dynamics he prefers.

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has recently made some balance changes to both of these preferred champions of Jokic in Season 14.

It seems basketball isn’t the only domain where Jokic doesn’t shy away from showing his competitive spirit. In the virtual world of League of Legends, just as in the paint in the NBA, Jokic seems to enjoy grinding out with the best characters, displaying his passion for precision and victory.

This revelation paints a multi-dimensional image of Jokic's personality, revealing a side of him often unseen on the basketball court.