Mikyx on G2's scrim results and Worlds disappointment: "We performed way below our potential. I thought we could win it all, especially against NRG. But we lacked focus and made careless mistakes."

A thorough examination of G2 Esports' underwhelming performance in the 2023 World Championship in comparison to their promising scrim results. This article delves into the reasons behind G2's failure to translate their scrim successes to the competitive stage.

Entrenched Prominence

Mikyx of G2 Esports has been synonymous with success for a considerable period. As support for one of the most formidable rosters in League of Legends competitive play, Mikyx has often played an integral part in G2's successes. However, in the 2023 World Championship, the team found themselves struggling, unable to translate their performance in scrims to dominance on the world stage.

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The World Championship has always been a valuable litmus test of a team's potential and preparedness. For this reason, G2's disappointing showing came as a surprise to many, given the team's promising scrim performance and previously demonstrated capabilities. Despite performing exceptionally well in this regard, the results did not carry over into the World Championship.

Mikyx on G2

The impact of these repeated defeats and underwhelming performances can take a toll on the team's morale. Yet, Mikyx's recent comments provided insight into the team's introspection and self-analysis. While many external factors could be pointed out, G2's self-reflection highlighted the need for internal changes rather than finding excuses.

G2's performance in scrims shortly before the World Championship had painted an encouraging picture. Demonstrating impressive coordination and adaptability, the team appeared well-positioned to make a substantial run in the tournament. However, it soon became evident this wasn't the case, raising the question of why scrim success wasn't translating to actual match wins.

Scrims Versus Championship: A Stark Contrast

For any competitive eSports team, scrimmages, or scrims, are of the utmost significance. These practice matches allow teams to test strategies, assess teamwork, and prepare for upcoming games. G2's performance in their scrims leading up to the tournament was reflective of a team ready for the challenge. Their ability to translate this into the World Championship, however, was surprisingly underwhelming.

Mikyx shared his thoughts on the contrasting results. He attributed this discrepancy to various factors, including the increased intensity of World Championship matches compared with scrims. The pressure can force players into mistakes they wouldn't typically make in a lower-stakes scrim session. This collectively impacted G2's performance in the tournament.

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Moreover, Mikyx emphasized that the breadth of champion picks and strategies employed by opposing teams at the World Championship was more diverse than those seen in scrims. Teams often conceal unconventional picks and tactics until the stage matches, making it more difficult to anticipate and counter. This, too, played a role in their struggles.

Another crucial aspect that surfaced was the team's anxiety. The immense pressure and expectations associated with a large-scale event like the World Championship can amplify anxiety, which can, in turn, lead to performance drops. This mental aspect appeared to be another key reason behind G2's struggles.

Introspection and Moving Forward

Despite a disappointing World Championship run, G2 and Mikyx have taken the experience in stride. Mikyx's perspective and introspection on this failure carry an air of maturity and resilience. Rather than dwelling on the missed opportunities, G2 seems focused on learning from this experience and better preparing for future competitions.

Mikyx has expressed his belief in the team's ability to bounce back from this setback. Past victories and consistent performances in scrims instill hope for a better future. However, recognizing that there's room for improvement is the first step towards progress. The team's introspective approach gives credence to this sentiment.

Bouncing back will involve the G2 roster actively working on their weaknesses. This includes perfecting their champion picks, improving communication, and dealing with the pressures of big games. The lessons learned from the World Championship will accelerate these improvements.

The contrasts between scrims and championship matches have become more apparent following G2's performance. Despite this, the team's potential remains unchanged, and their desire for self-improvement is clear. Future competitions provide an opportunity to take these lessons into account and deliver a more impactful performance.


G2 Esport's disappointing run in the World Championship has provided some vital learning points. While the underwhelming result was not what the team or their supporters expected, these experiences are often the key to future successes. By recognizing their shortcomings and actively working towards improvements, the G2 squad hopes to return stronger in future endeavors.

The contrast between scrim and match day performances has been an educational insight. G2's experiences will likely push them to better prepare for future championships, taking into account the collective pressures and unpredictability these competitions entail. They aim to bridge the gap between their scrim performance and their competitive play.

With their commitment to progress and learning, there is no doubt that G2 enjoys a bright future. A disappointing World Championship result does not define the squad's capabilities. Rather, it is an opportunity for growth, inspring them to be better prepared the next time around.

Only time will tell how these introspections and lessons learned from G2's World Championship performance shape their future strategies and successes. However, given the resilience and ambition of the team, G2 is set to return stronger than ever in forthcoming competitions. The ebb and flow of success in competitive eSports continues, and G2's journey is far from over.