LEC Wooloo's Huhi and NRG have agreed verbally.

Discussing the recent verbal agreement between professional eSports player Huhi and NRG eSports team.


In the constantly evolving arena of eSports, roster changes are a common occurrence. However, few involve players with as much fanfare as Choi 'Huhi' Jae-hyun. According to recent reports, Huhi has reached a verbal agreement to join the NRG eSports team.

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Huhi's addition promises a new chapter in the tale of NRG. NRG, a team with a history of recruiting talented players, seems to have made another astute acquisition.

LEC Wooloo

Throughout his career, Huhi has proven to be a versatile player capable of handling various roles. With a long history in the League of Legends sector, he's exhibited impressive flexibility on the gaming field.

For any team, clear communication is essential, and Huhi potentially brings just that. Besides his adaptability, Huhi is also known for his bilingual skills, aiding in facilitating smooth team dynamics.

Huhi’s Successful Past

Before the move to NRG, Huhi played a crucial role in leading 100 Thieves’ Academy and LCS squads. The impact he made was unsurprisingly significant as indicated by several successful tournaments.

Amidst the gaming community, Huhi's game sense and leadership qualities have also been widely acknowledged. His skills had a significant role in the substantial progress and victories that 100 Thieves made under his aegis.

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Despite his stint as a Mid laner in the 2015 LCS season, he has emerged as an adaptable and resourceful player, capable of managing multiple roles effectively. His dedication and ability to switch roles in the team's interest helped 100 Thieves in ways little seen before.

In comparison to the Mid lane, Huhi made a significant impact in the support role. His time with 100 Thieves has seen him make the role his own, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

The Next Chapter

With Huhi moving to NRG eSports, a new chapter begins. The team stands to gain a multi-talented, experienced player with the potential to accelerate the squad’s performance to unprecedented heights.

Huhi has often been the X-factor in the various teams he's been a part of. His performance often has the ability to flip the results in his team's favor, and we can anticipate seeing that very influence at play in NRG.

Additionally, NRG's team members stand to gain from Huhi's reputable sportsmanship and camaraderie. With the amalgamation of Huhi’s gaming prowess and leadership traits, the team can be expected to elevate their performance significantly.

Huhi’s addition to NRG is a move that reassures the eSports industry of a promising future for the team. His caliber, coupled with the team's environment, could potentially create a formidable force in the eSports circuit.

Looking Forward

The gaming community eagerly awaits the advent of this new partnership. With Huhi now a part of NRG eSports, the team’s future endeavors look promising.

Given Huhi's multi-faceted talents and his new team's zest to achieve, it will be interesting to see what the new playing season brings for NRG. The team, already known for their exceptional talent, holds the potential to establish new records under Huhi’s leadership.

Huhi's past performances create high expectations for the upcoming season. With each passing day, anticipation builds, and the gaming community eagerly looks on to see what new records will be established.

With the expected integration of Huhi into the NRG eSports team, an exciting competitive season lies ahead. Huhi’s penchant for wilderness and uncharted territories promises an intriguing future for NRG eSports and the entire gaming community.