League of Legends Developer Talks About Arena Mode and Rebuilding Player Trust

League of Legends developer Eduardo Cortejoso sheds light on the reintroduction of Arena mode and the attempts to ‘rebuild player trust’. Despite some difficult challenges this year, League of Legends plans to release more limited-time modes in the future.The Comeback of Arena Mode: Building Player Trust

League of Legends Developer Speaks Out

League of Legends developer Eduardo Cortejoso has revealed in a recent interview that the reintroduction of Arena mode was part of an effort to rebuild player trust during what was a 'rough patch' for the game. Cortejoso indicated that there will be more limited-time modes released in the future as part of this effort.

The Appeal of Arena Mode

The short-lived Arena mode had brought a touch of variety and fun to the popular game, offering an alternative to the intensely competitive standard matches of Summoner’s Rift that could last for an hour or more. The mode brought a more easy-going approach for player collaboration without the intense pressure of the standard game mode.

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Addressing the 'Rough Patch'

Developers acknowledged that League was experiencing a 'rough patch' and saw the reintroduction of Arena mode as an opportunity to restore player confidence and enjoyment of the game. They wanted to offer a fun and varied gaming experience rather than focusing on the financial success of the mode.

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Challenges Faced in 2023

However, League of Legends faced several challenges in 2023, including poorly received balance changes, declining viewership figures particularly in Western audiences, and a disruptive cyber attack. On top of these, recent monetization changes were negatively received by players, including the '$200' Jhin skin. Despite these difficulties, the Arena mode was much appreciated by players prior to its removal and is expected to make a comeback in December.

Shifting Focus and The Future

According to Cortejoso, League of Legends decided to shift its focus to catering to underserved audiences or unmet expectations or motivations. This led to the creation of Arena mode, a game mode with a shorter time frame and a lot more randomization through the augment system.

Many players have already commended the Arena mode for its casual and fresh approach to gameplay. Some have called it one of the best things to happen to the game. Moving forward, the development team plans to continue learning and adjusting in the coming years. The team aims to release more modes, with Nexus Blitz coming back in October and Arena making a return, albeit with some reworks, in December. Fans eagerly await to see what other innovations 2024 will bring to League of Legends.