League of Legends Community Debates Need for a Modern Sequel

As classic esports title League of Legends shows its age, fans are divided on whether the developer should invest in creating a modern sequel, inspired by the refresh of Counter-Strike 2.

League of Legends: Time for a Makeover?

League of Legends, which has established itself as one of the leading titles in the esports industry along with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), is facing mixed views from its loyal following. As both games have enjoyed longevity in a space where many live service titles don't stand the test of time, some players believe it's time for a makeover to keep up with newer titles.

Attraction for Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2, the sequel to CS:GO, has caught the eyes of many League of Legends players. The sequel, retaining its core gameplay with polished graphics and meaningful changes, is considered a successful refresh by its community. Amid the strong reception for Counter-Strike 2, many League of Legends players are now wondering if a similar restructuring could elevate their favorite game's experience.

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Call for a Rebuild

Current discussion in the League community suggests many players believe the game could benefit from a rebuild similar to what CS:GO has undergone, especially considering the technical issues currently plaguing the game's foundation. Frequent glitches involving champion swapping in pick/ban, lengthy pauses due to bugs, and the overall limitations in solving these issues for average players have raised some concerns.

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Debate Over a Sequel

Arguments for the need of a sequel to League of Legends, however, are met with counter-arguments about the feasibility of such an undertaking. Updates to the game's outdated client, although in demand, could distress the game’s established formula. Despite the divided opinion, the notion of a 'League of Legends 2' remains a heavily debated topic in the community.

Community Response to Upgrades

The community's take on the upgrades League has had over the years has been generally positive. However, the widespread belief is that Riot might not have enough time or resources to follow in Valve's footsteps by releasing a complete sequel. While there are players who feel updating League of Legends is an almost impossible task, some believe it's a ticking time bomb depending on the amount of loose ends in the game's code. Regardless of varying opinions, the call for a refreshed version of one of esports' most beloved titles is amplifying.