Jun and FNATIC (LEC) have verbally agreed, sources say.

Jun Kwon, an esports player, has reportedly given a verbal commitment to Fnatic. This report explores his journey in the esports industry and what his move to Fnatic could mean.

Esports and Transitioning Teams

There's always excitement in the world of esports when a prominent player changes teams. That excitement is currently focused on Jun 'Jun' Kwon, the renowned esports player who has reportedly decided to transition to the team Fnatic.

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Fnatic, an esports organization based in London, England boasts multiple professional teams across various games. This development has set the buzz going in the esports community as the popular Korean player is set to bring his expertise to this illustrious team.

Jun and FNATIC (LEC) have verbally agreed, sources say. ImageAlt

Credible sources in the esports industry suggest that Jun has verbally agreed to join the Fnatic team. Though formal paperwork is yet to follow, this verbal commitment by Jun is considered a substantial element in the negotiation process.

Verbal agreements in esports are taken seriously, marking a player's intent to join a certain team. With the potential of Jun joining Fnatic, fans and analysts are curious as to how it will change the dynamics of the team.

Moving Forward without Formal Paperwork

While the official announcement has yet to be made, the esports community is rife with speculation. However, until formal paperwork is completed, it remains to be seen whether Jun's contribution to Fnatic will be actualized.

Signing players in esports is typically a structured process. A player's potential contribution, value to the team, and performance metrics are analyzed. Jun, given his track record, is expected to have a significant influence on Fnatic.

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In esports, until a formal contract is signed, the news of a player moving teams remains conjecture. Despite this, Jun's verbal agreement has been enough to set the rumor mill in motion, and the esports community is eagerly anticipating official confirmation.

The complexity of esports contracts often means that negotiations can be a lengthy process. Nevertheless, a verbal commitment like Jun's is no small matter and is often indicative of the direction in which the negotiations are headed.

Excitement Surrounding Jun's Proposed Move

The eSports community, in general, is overjoyed at the prospect of Jun joining Fnatic. As a player, Jun packs a lot of talent and has consistently performed at a high level across multiple platforms.

Jun's move to Fnatic could be a game-changer for the team. With a player of his caliber on board, Fnatic could establish a more formidable presence in the esports industry and put up stronger competition for rival teams.

The esports community is waiting with bated breath to see how this potential move will change the landscape of competitions. Expectations are high that Jun's addition would have a positive impact, strengthening Fnatic's position in the esports sphere.

With Fnatic's reputation and Jun's skill set, the collaboration could potentially elevate both parties' status in the esports industry. But until a formal contract is signed, all discussions around the impact of Jun's move remain speculative.


The reports of Jun's verbal commitment to Fnatic have sent waves of excitement throughout the esports community. As a player known for his high-level performances, Jun's potential move to Fnatic promises to be a significant development in the esports world.

Until a formal contract is signed and an official announcement is made, it's difficult to gauge the finality of the situation. Despite this, the prospect of Jun playing for Fnatic has kept the esports community on its toes with eager anticipation.

The excitement surrounding this potential move is a testament to Jun's impact in the sport. Regardless of the official documentation status, his verbal commitment to Fnatic has already stirred up excitement amongst the esports followers.

The potential amelioration of Fnatic with Jun's inclusion is a topic of hot discussion. If this move materializes, the strategic shift for Fnatic could mean bigger and better opportunities in the world of esports.